Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gus - New Pet

Since we began keeping the class pet during second grade Charli Beth begged and pleaded for a guiena pig. She even took the time to write out and make a persuasive video about how it would make our family, "happier."

Curtis had a straight forward no for the longest time. Then I had a sweet friend with one that her daughter was having terrible allergies with. 

So he gave in. 

The kids are now the proud owners of Gus. He's far, so cute and gets completely crazy at night while playing. He loves to nibble and eat hay but you can pretty much tell that from the size of his big ole belly. 

We have had him for a little over a month and the kids love him just the same. Bryar gets so excited to see him but of course he does not get the responsibility of holdin him... Just yet. 

Gunner on the other hand still isn't quiet sure of this new friend, and to be honest I'm not sure if Curtis is either ;) 

Softball Champions!

I am incredibly behind on all of my summer posts due to the busy season. But for once every one is in bed and I have a few minutes to spare.

This softball season was one of the most fun times as being a softball Mom. Charli was on a team that I loved and with a coach that I will miss. The firecrackers have held a special place in my heart since Charli first started playing ball. The amount of fundamental skills she learned from Coach Howell and John is amazing. They were patient every season and gave the girls the uplifting they needed when they called for it. 

These girls have always found their way in playing well together. Some of the girls live for this sport and although CB really only "lives" for horses, she truly loves softball. It was such a blessing seeing these girls interact, cheering and befriending one another. This is a huge thing that so many little league sports lack these days. It's more about the memories than the trophy. 

The team went the entire season without being defeated. Let me just say how NICE this is after being on the total other end of the spectrum for two seasons. Although at tournament time the girls let a game get to their heads and were defeated which meant they would go into the losers bracket. They would have to play six games in one day to win the championship with the last two games being agaisnt the team that had first beat them. 

The girls started playing at 8:30 on a Saturday morning and thankfully we did not leave the ball field until 8:30 that night with first place trophies in hand. 

It was fun and a proud moment as a parent but these girls deserved it. They played the last game as if it were the first of the day and just absolutely played to win. 

CB had goals to hit better during that day and completely accomplished them. Even though she is not at the top of her game I love the fact that she is getting better with each season. I hope that she continues to love this sport and I hope as a parent that if she does not I accept it with full grace. 

The firecrackers ball team or what is left of them will now move up in age groups as Charli Beth stays in the 8 & under division. It slightly makes me sad but I just hope we find the perfect team once again. 

Canning and Gardening

This is the first year that I have completed a small garden since we have been married. In the past, Charli Beth and I have planted a few small items but it really never produced much. I'm not a green thumb type of lady, but I have always wished to be. 

Since my MIL is the gardening extraordinaire I asked that she teach me the tricks and trades of how to have a successful garden. She has a large garden that we all are able to eat from so in our plant selections I tried to pick items that she did not have. 

Charli loves to garden. (Love is probably an understatement in that sentence.) She helped me pick broccoli, okra, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes and strawberries. 

So far I have made two batches of strawberry freezer jam, cherry preserves and froze many more items. My MIL took Charli cherry picking one day and then I asked to go back the next time. We were loaded down with cherries for days. It was actually a lot of fun learning the process. Now I gladly have several bats prepared for cobblers for the next year. 

We have started freezing our broccoli and squash because it's coming in bulk and how often can one truly eat broccoli? My kids thankfully LOVE it but it will be great to have it during the winter months too. We will officially grow broccoli forever. 

There are a few items that we are still buying from the Amish. Blueberries are WAY cheaper there and already picked. The crazy little bunnies in our yard have are my sweet potato vines so I've been purchasing them from the Habegger's as well. I honestly just cannot pass up a trip to visit Amish country. 

There is so much more to learn but for now I will have the hard lesson of hoeing out the garden and praying for rain. 

Story of Mommy

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