Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Card

Many of the bloggers that I follow, including myself promoted Shutterfly this Holiday Season and received 50 free Holiday cards for doing so! Last night, I ordered out card for this year, and I cannot wait to see it in person. This is a sneak peak for those of you that are receiving our card!

I saved over $100 with the promotions and discounts from Shutterfly! Isn't that ahh-freaking-mazing? I plan to make a photobook for a Christmas gift this year, and am very excited to see how it turns out as well!

Family Frame Christmas Card
Make a statement with custom Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Well, I thought you would be able to see the card better whenever I posted this but sadly you cannot. I guess you can get the idea from it though! We used this picture because we didn't have a good close up and not to mention it's a beauty...

By the way, once you order your card make sure to follow the steps for further promotions!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Deer Season 10'

Warning: Do NOT open this post if you have a problem with seeing dead deer.

To be honest, I am not an "avid" hunter and have not really even been since I was a child until last Sunday. My best friend Taylor and I decided that I should start going with him until gun season ended, then I could pick up bow hunting whenever I got comfortable.

The first morning out, we were only there for about ten minutes before a buck and doe walked around us. There was absolutely no way to get a shot on them, which was a'okay with me because I was nervous wreck.

I had to work every night after that so I was not able to go, although Tay would text me and let me know how the deer were moving. Which was n
ot so good, and from the looks of it no one in the county was having any luck at all.

Saturday morning I got up at 4:30, layered on the clothes like no other and
headed out. We were hoping to see a several deer since we had finally got a cold snap in Kentucky, but once again we only seen two does from a distance. By this time, we were actually ready to go and decided we would just try again later. So we headed back to the stands that afternoon where we waited for what seemed like for.freaking.ever until I looked to my right and seen a deer below.

I looked at Taylor with a famous "deer in headlights look" and told him that there was doe to the right of us, so maybe a buck would be coming soon. Whenever I looked again I seen his little rack and told him that it was a buck but not a very big one.

I was shaking nervous by this point and really wasn't sure that I could hit him for many reasons (I had not shot in a stand before, shot that particu
lar gun, I was scared I was going to shoot his butt, and I shaking out of my britches) but Taylor assured me that I could do it, to just make sure that I shot him in the neck. Finally, I got the courage and thought it was now or never before he ran, so I shot.....

and hit him right in the n
eck! Yay me! =)

He is a small 8 point but for my first buck I'll take it anyday.
--Beggars can't be choosers.--

The funniest part of it was Taylor jumping up and saying "He fell like a bag of sh*t" ..what kind of expression is that?! haha. I swear he cracks me up! He really went out of his way to help me out, not to mention he is gutting the deer for me! I am
very lucky to have him as a friend.

Gun season ended today, so now I will be taking up bow hunting...maybe.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday 2010

Black Friday has kicked.my.big.rump
Oh my word!
It was fun, crazy, and exhausting but I absolutely LOVE shopping on Black Friday!

We start every year around 10 pm and finish usually around 8 am!
Sadly, the worst part of the trip was standing in line at Walmart for over 2 1/2 hours, which was simply ridiculous since they would not open hardly any of the check out lanes.

A lady behind me asked a employee of walmart why they would not open the other lanes, the employees answer was "How about I get you an application and then you can take care of that?!" I'm not so sure that she will have a job in a few days...

People were playing Marco/Polo while waiting in line.
It was funny, but then got annoying, which lead to.......
Please refrain from wanting to jump through the computer and pinch my chubby cheeks because I know the dark roots and spotty face is just to.die.for!
ha. =)

Did you go black Friday shopping?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.

This is the first Thanksgiving in several years that I am off work and will be able to spend with my family. This is something that so many people take advantage of but your first family dinner that is missed is such an awful feeling. Remember those today that are working in EMS, 911, Law Enforcement, medical field or wherever else and are not able to spend this time with their families.

I am thankful not only today, but everyday for the Lord's many blessings:

A darling Daughter
The craziest most caring family, ever.
My j.o.b.
Our health.
Eskimo kisses from CB
Stupid people that are my job security - Just sayin'.
Our home.
A stable vehicle
irl friends that are ahh-mazing.
My Crazy Co-workers that help make my nights interesting to say the least
Food in our cabinets
Belly laughs
Church family
Country music
Blog/Twitter friends that have helped me through many tough days.
Sweet Tea
Nivea Chapstick.
It is less that two years until the next Presidential election! - I'm horrible. I know.
Black Friday Shopping =)

...my list could go on forever but it's time to leave work! yay!

Do not forget to count your blessings today & tell the people you love just how much they mean to you!

Have a wonderful & Safe Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Santa,

We could really use your magical help this year simply because my daughter wants every.single.annoying toy that is in each commercial. I am really not even sure that she has been all that good this year? But I blame it on the you, yes you Mr. Big Stuff Santa Claus you spoil her each year and frankly it's getting old, the madness has got to stop! We are running out of room and I am just not ready to make her give up her toddler toys. So this year, let's keep it simple, ok? Thanks.

-One Broke Tired Cranky Momma

I'm adding in a few pictures of what Miss Priss would like!

She has been asking for a pillow pet for months.
So please just simply spend the $19.99 and be done with it, so I can stop hearing
"Momma, Momma can I have it? Can I have it for my birthday, for Christmas, can I?"

Furreal Pet
We do not care what kind but I would probably go with the $10 cat on Black Friday..Just sayin'

Charli has been riding a plastic grocery cart around the house like a scooter for weeks now.
So this would be a nice add on.

Yule shoot your eye out!
Negative, she will be just fine with a pink single shot BB Gun from Gander Mountain.
Every cowgirl needs a pink gun!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Boys of Fall

Way to go ACS Patriots! Region Champs 2010!
Once a Patriot, always a Patriot!
Good luck against Louisville Western this Friday!

There is nothing in the world that is any better than small town football on a Friday night!
Our family absolutely loves watching these boys play ball and reminiscing back to our high school days whenever we knew each boy sporting those jerseys. This is a big deal for our county and we are all ecstatic to see our little school doing so well!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm done with how I feel.

This week I have finally pulled myself together, not that I have healed my heart by any means but each day has helped. We all know how the tune of a heart break flows, it is quiet the same as the grieving process.
(minus the depression)

Whenever your heart is first broken, you do not want to accept the fact that something like this has just happened. You are stunned beyond belief at what was said or maybe even what you saw. You then get ticked off, which is usually my favorite part, because I can always be pee'd off at any one. Although, I couldn't be this time. I was am just a sucker for him. Ugh.. Anyways, we then start bargaining; we want to make things right so we plead and cry to this person. But sadly the only thing we are doing is making a fool of ourselves, because they have made up their mind or it just isn't right. (I am skipping the depression factor, because depression is not in my vocabulary.) Finally, we come to terms with what has happened. We may not understand, but we probably never will. Finally, we realize as each day passes that we are okay and will eventually move on whenever the time is right.

--And I'm not hoping we can work it out.
I'm done with how I feel.

Spinning my wheels, letting you drag my heart around.
And I'm not thinking you could ever change.

I know my heart will never be the same.
But I'm telling myself I'll be OK,

Even on my weakest day, I get a little bit stronger.

It doesn't happen overnight.
But you turn around and a months gone by,
and you realize you haven't cried.
I'm not giving you an hour, or a second, or another minute longer.
I'm busy getting stronger.--
Sara Evans "A Little Bit Stronger"

Let me introduce you to...D.
He was my first love and my first of many heart breaks.
This is probably the first and last time that you will ever see him on my blog.
I must admit, this picture is a major false depiction of how he was/is.

Our story is long and something that does not need to be shared over this blog for the sake of my child right now, but all you need to know is drugs ruined this man and the family that I ever thought I could have with him. I may one day share our story, but for now I have put those memories in the back of my head and moved on with life.

I have zero feelings left for him. I am okay with the fact that he is no longer in our lives, and I have been for a very long time, although the impression on my heart is still there, and will always be. Which is mostly due to the fact that my child will ask who the boy is that is holding her in pictures when she was an infant does still bother me. Those are words that I cannot tell Charli Beth right now, because she is truly still to young to understand -not that she ever will, but that is another post for another day. But my heart doesn't hurt whenever I hear his name anymore, if I were to see him my heart would not feel like it is going to sink to my knees. Whenever someone brings up where he is or that he is probably in jail I don't care, I roll my eyes and laugh it off.

The point is, I got over him.
I healed for the most part and I let myself move on to love again.
If I can do it once, I can do it again and I will.
Like I have said before, it just takes time.

I read a quote last week and it really put many things back into perspective for me:

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." - Marilyn Monroe

The times that D walked out of my life, I sucked all of my emotions in and honestly became cold. I did not date, and I lead myself to believe that I could never be happy like I was with him. Years later whenever I was least expecting it, I found happiness with M. Something that I thought I would never find. Although, I was cold, and still made myself believe that happiness was not suppose to happen for me, so I separated myself in fear of getting hurt, I felt betrayed and lonely because I made my own self feel that way (not saying that he did not make his fair share of mistakes.) I was very wrong and hurt people in the process, but now while I'm reflecting back I have learned so many things that I now know to do differently next time - God willing.

I have went on dates in the last several weeks and will continue to, not because I am ready for a relationship, but because I will not let myself slide back into the hole of thinking I will never being happy again. Simply because I am better than the person I was acting like and I will make someone incredibly happy whenever the time is right; I will be happy again.

No matter what I thought or wanted, it was not our "time." Just like it was not the time for D and I. Each of these heart breaks were in my life for a reason. We taught one another so many things about life, and I would not be who I am in this very moment if were not for these two. (Not that I am want to thank D by any means! To be honest I'd just like to smack him. ha! & Yes, I am still bitter. But who wouldn't be?) I'm just saying that each of them left a mark (ha!) on my life.

During my relationships I have prayed for the Lord to show me the way and if it was the right time or where I needed to be at in my life - both times he has. I know that the Lord will continue to guide my life and heart, as long as I put my faith in him.

I ask for your prayers because I am actually not as strong as I once thought I was. Which is totally okay because like part of a quote states, "When I say "I am a Christian" I am not trying to be strong. I am professing that I am weak and need HIS strength to carry on."

p.s. I am probably the only person alive that will understand this post, which is totally okay with me because I am working 3rd shift and my eyes drifting off as I type.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blogger Ladies, this is for you!!

Hey girls, I have been in contact with so many of you all about wanting to meet up for lunch/dinner sometime. So here lately I've been thinking that it may be much easier (& maybe even more fun) if we have a blogger meet up?

What do y'all think?

We could do it in the Nashville, Bowling Green, KY area, or somewhere else? I know so many of y'all (yes this is for you, Jessica, Elizabeth, Erin, Kelsy, Bailey , Brittany, Lea Liz, and others) are from around my area; which is not in either of those listed cities for any stalkers that may be creepin' on my blog. ha!

We could even meet up before Christmas and I could set up a ornament exchange if everyone RSVP'd earlier enough! We could bring the kiddos along, or have a Mommy day out! Y'all decide, let me know, and I'll make the plans?

Invite others if you want, just send them over to my blog so I can get their opinions as well!

I hope to meet so many of you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls Night Out!

I have been needing a girls night for like uhm, ever? So I randomly text my bestie in the midst of a huge crying scene and told her that I was actually off on a weekend night and plans needed to be made asap.

So Friday afternoon we met up at Logan's and went from there! There were actually three other girls that attended although they were in a separate vehicle and I kept forgetting my camera in the car!


These girls are seriously the best, I love my time with them and realized this weekend that my time with them is something that I miss dearly.

Krystina and I had breakfast Sunday morning at a local "Ma & Pop" restaurant whenever I left work. We had the most serious, yet funniest 2 hour conversation, ever. We cried from laughing so hard and cried from the seriousness of our talk as well. We used to never cry? What is up with us?

That girl knows me like a book, and I am very sure I know her just the same. She is truly one of a kind friend, and I love her to pieces.

As people would say, this weekend sure did my heart good.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


WIWW is hosted by Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy - Want to play along? Snap a photo of your outfit each day and link up on her blog each Wednesday!

I absolutely love looking through these blogs every week and being inspired by each of these ladies. Also, shout out to a couple of ladies that have emailed me finding some of the bargains that I have blogged about! This is exactly why I do this post, not because I know think I am one Hot Momma! haha!

p.s. I'm not sure why I have my hand on my hip in every.single.picture?!

This is the same dress that I wore in last weeks post from Burke's, I only paired it with a pair of leggings, bangles and my new black slouchy boots that I'm slighty obsessed with right now.
Dress: Burke's $9.99
Leggings: F21 $5.99
Boots: Vanity $32.50
Bangels: F21 $1.50

Girls Night Out!
I actually took these two pictures for twitter right before I left the house needing shoe advice. I wanted to be comfy and wear my boots, but I just know that a pair of pumps would of made this outfit a million times better. Oh well!
I was not mad - I was trying to focus on the picture, ha!
The top actually has a large black rosette on the shoulder, which I love.
I still am not sure how I feel about this outfit all together though.
Top: F21 $15.80
Jeans: Miley
Boots: Vanity

I absolutely love this jacket!
Jacket: f21 (last year) $21

Sorry for the horrible lighting, I forgot to use my camera.
& I'll do better next week, promise!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The House That Built Me

You never really know how much the home that you grew up in can mean to you until you move away, and someone new owns it. A place that you can never call home again, but made so many memories of your own in. These memories may be good or bad experiences, but each of these helped bring you to the person you are today. This is not only the house that built me, but the land, church and area that I grew up in, where I left to many memories behind.

This is truly the house that built me.
Looking at this picture you see a old nasty barn, I see the barn that I spent many nights stripping tobacco. The place where I learned to drive a tractor, ride a horse and ran away to whenever I was mad.
You see only a fence, I see it as a the first place that I ever shot a shotgun. It was Christmas, and so cold but I'll never forget how excited I was to have my very own shotgun.
You may see beautiful land; I see the driveway where I crashed my bike one to many times, where a bee flew up my sisters nose, and the land that I went hunting on a blue million times.
The yard that I had to run down numerous times because I was late for the bus, where I played so many games of flash light tag, and kick the can.
The hill that I rolled down a million times, the tree house that not only was a tree house but a pirate ship and war zone.
Seriously, takes my breath away
You see an old barn; I see the creek bottoms that I walked down daily.
The first church that I ever called home.
You see a church that is falling down; I see the church where I bent down on my knees and asked the Lord to save my soul.

This is forever, my home.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Preschool Days

I am just amazed at how quickly Charli Beth's preschool year is flying by, which just reminded me that we are getting months and months closer to Kindergarten. Ah! I try to think about those days least as possible. Although, Charli really loves school, I mean loves it! It just tickles me to death how wonderful she is in the morning and how she is so very eager to walk into school by herself to not only see friends but to learn as well. I may not have mentioned that she has been walking in by herself for quite some time. She gets out with the big kids in school traffic and walks right in. It is such an easy process and is also preparing her for next year.

On Friday I met with CB's teacher, Ms. Lesley for a parent/teacher conference, which went absolutely wonderful. I just love Lesley and how great she is with each and every student. There are 7 children in her classroom that do not speak English, two children with autism and not to mention all of the other wild childs. I mean seriously y'all she is such a blessing.

The testing scores that I was given were from three weeks after school started so they are not accurate at all. She has progressed in so many ways since the beginning of the year.

She can write out " Charli Beth" very well, although while spelling her name out loud she does forget the "A" sometimes. I think this may be because she does not hear it whenever pronounces it. She speaks very "Kentucky-ish."

She is doing a lovely job writing her letters out, although we are going to start working on other letters and numbers at home more often. I feel like I have been slacking as a Mother in that area. I was told that her verbal skills were suppose to be around an 180-something, although Miss Charli is above 200. Yeah, the girl likes to talk. Not only does she talk, but she speaks as if she is twenty and boy does she have an imagination!

Lesley said that Charli is such a well behaved child. She had checks in all of the areas of being responsible, treating others well and etc. Her teacher has told me on several occasions that if she had a classroom full of CBs then she would have it made. I may be a bit partial but I just think that is the best thing ever.

Now if we can only teach her to stop letting boys kiss her on the playground! Ugh...


What I wore Wednesday is hosted by Lindsey - The Pleated Poppy.

I actually had a mixture of outfits this week but I have once again been working third shift so I didn't accessorize like I normally {love to} do. Blogger is acting crazy so I was not able to get my outfits in order but you'll get the point...

Monday night/Tuesday
I wore this outfit to work Monday night, left from there and headed to take CB to school and went to school myself. It was comfy, simply and I thought it was cute?!
Dress: Burke's Outlet $9.99
Jeans: Target
Boots: Target
Sunday Night/Monday morning
I remembered around 3 am that I had forgot to take a picture of the entire outfit so I snapped one while at work.
Not sure what is up with the shinny forehead?! We shall blame it on the lights! ha.
Cardigan: F21 $15
Tank: Target $4!
Thursday night
Sweater: Old Navy $10 - weekly sale
I purchased this necklace off Etsy last year & I just love it although it's a little to big.
To big for me? Shocker, I know!
Friday night
& yes I am in Target's dressing room! ha.
I bought some adorable outfits though!
I always feel so uncomfortable in leggings like I am not wearing them right. Any tips would be appreciated!
Tunic: Burke's $9.99
Belt: Borrowed from another top
Leggings: F21 $5.99
Saturday- wedding.
I bought this Express dress from a blog sale for $25 and it is practically brand new!
Talk about a deal!
& I loveeee it.
But sadly, I think it looks to big.

Until next week....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Award

Rule #1: Thank the person who gave you your award.
Thanks to Stefanie over at Lexie Loo & Dylan Too for giving me an award to share with other bloggers as well!
Go by and check out her blog as well! She has the most adorable family.

Rule #2: Share seven things about yourself.

1.) I am scared of two things: Sharks & Bees.

2.) I am slightly obsessed with the color turquoise.

3.) I probably have more twitter/blog friends that I speak to daily than I do IRL friends. Which is totally okay with me, because I love each and every one of them. (Hi ladies!)

4.) I love Sara Evans right now. There is no other word for her lyrics other than amazing.

5.) I love watching Icarly with or without Charli Beth. Sam (Jennette McCurdy) is
probably one of my absolute favorite Disney peeps - not to mention the fact that she is breaking through in country music makes me love her a million times more.

6.) I personally think that learning about atmospheric stability is for the birds. I truly hate my meteorology class. I also have a test in there tomorrow, yuck.

7.) I never paint my finger nails, it makes them look short and stumpy.

Rule #3: Pass the award onto 7 bloggers who you think are fantastic!

Erin - The Schuler Family
Elizabeth - This Little Blog of Mine
Becca - Made with Love
Erin- Howell's Happenings
Becca - Miss Mialyn Reese
Kristin - Adventures in Mitchelle"ville"
Kendra - Silkybowties

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

It's taken me over a week to get my actual Halloween post in, but finally it is here. After we left Jackson's Orchard last Saturday afternoon, we headed home to let Nana fix Charli's hair because I'm just not so good at fixing hair, and she does a fabulous job. CB got a little cuh-razy while it was getting done and sadly got put in time out with almost having to wait an extra hour late since she was acting so naughty.( I just keep telling myself that it is only a stage! ha.) But she realized what she was doing wrong, apologized for it and finished getting ready.

But here is my little pretty princess Belle...

This is at Mrs. Ogle's house that lives across the street, she was glady not home this year. Last year the lady gave us a box of twinkies and brings us stale bread to our yard sales. Love her little her we just love her though!
Sweet Aunt Peggy is now in a local nursing home which has been a huge ordeal with our family and is having a hard time with being there but she still loves seeing Charli B come see her! Try not to pay attention to CB's face she probably has some of Aunt Peg's stale one hundred year old candy. Seriously.
My girl and I at a local trunk -or -treat. We hit up all of the cars in about 30 seconds.
CB running towards her Aunt Vicki (a.k.a her favorite person ever)

Every year our family meets up at our grandparent's house for Halloween night, where we have soup, chili, sausage balls and other snacks, not to mention hand out plenty of candy. Little did I know that Maw had bought CB make up, Belle turned into looking like Mimi from Drew Carey by the end of the night!
Next year, if you are still following my blog then, please remind my Mother and I to not purchase a tutu dress for a costume. It was adorable, then it kept getting knotted from the wind and walking. I think CB heard "being a princess is hard work" a million times while wearing that outfit. We sure did get our moneys worth out of it though!
BWS tips button

Day 5 - Experiences:
"Experience is what you get, whenever you did not get what you wanted"
We all hate them at some point, then we gradually begin to appericiate them because they make us who we are at the end of the day.

Day 6 - Food...need I say more? ha. I am also thankful that my Mother is practically my very own Paula Deen because her cooking is fabulous, but I cannot cook to save my life. Someone please teach me already and pray that I have patience while learning!

Story of Mommy

My photo
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