Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...kinda

I may have shown this picture before but my supervisor told me today whenever he seen it on Facebook that it made him think to himself that, "I was leaving my past behind and walking with Charli hand in hand towards the future." I was like wow, I didn't really know that people could see all of that out of one picture? I explained to him that I had let me past go long before this picture was ever taken but I was very happy that he had told me this because past memories and things had been creeping up on me lately.

Please keep Ivana's little girl Claire in your prayers. She's been dealing with temperature and sickness all week, and the doctors weren't for sure on the diagnosis from the last that I heard. I know she is getting better and praise the Lord for this. It's an awful time with the weather change for everyone to be getting sick!

I'm still looking for inspiration on Charli Beth's room. I did go to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon and fell in love with just about everything so I just need to make up my mind. Char is so in love with her "new" closet. So huge thanks to cousin Drew, even though I almost hit with a baseball bat because I didn't know anyone was in my house and I kept hearing noises (yikes!).
Hope you all are having a great week so far!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yesterday was one of the days that I love most in life. My Mother, Sister, Charli Beth and I had a kinda girls afternoon out. Which consisted of shopping and eating together. It's always nice to be able to catch up with my sis since we hardly ever get to see her anymore. It was a wonderful day except for not feeling good every now and then.

On the way home, Mom and I were talking about how we are going to decorate Charli's room and out of nowhere a burg. van flies up behind us. While almost hitting us in the tail end, they swerve to the other side of the roadway to the very far left emergency lane and driving close to 80-90 mph. The kept driving in this lane and then eventually go from this side of the road to the far emergency lane. Right up the road is a tanker semi, and four other cars that are all breaking due to one getting into the turning lane. I think my heart stopped at this time because I just knew that the van was going to hit the semi and injure unknown amounts of people. I have never in my life seen anyone drive this way. Never. I picked up my phone quickly and called into work to let them know that this driver is seriously out of their mind and for sure DUI. Before I could ever get out what I needed to say another lady that I know had called in also. Within minutes, this vehicle had knocked down several signs and wrecked in someones backyard. It's simply just crazy and completely selfish of someone that is drinking to get behind the wheel. They could of taken several lives within minutes. I hate knowing that this guy is in the same building as I am. I wish that I could just go let him have it, and let him hear how precious my Mother and child are to me so that maybe he will think next time. If thinking is even possible for this male. I have been told that this man was drinking and driving because he and his wife had been into it all day. Is this a good reason at all to get drunk? NO.
Sad part about this. He will be out within a couple of hours and will be given chance after chance by our court systems to do this again even with his 8 charges.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

So I found this on and I have to share! Not sure how many of you all are addicts of American Idol, but the ladies within my household are! (even Charli Beth)

I am also not sure how you all like you "men" but I need (not want) a rough and tough country boy and if you add a deep voice...oh my, it just makes him 100 times better!
Layouts & More @ ColorArmy.Com

Not the best picture of my ...well would of been soon to be husband but someone has already stole his heart. But he is about like Chris Young, hopefully you ladies know of him Because that is one good lookin' fella! I don't like a guy that just thinks he is country, he has to be country. I need a guy that works hard! Yes, you can tell this by their hands (how soft and how good of a grip they have when they shake). Ahh, I just love me some country boysss.

On the other hand...My American Idol heart is with Danny.
Layouts & More @ ColorArmy.Com

He stole my heart in the auditions and I think he is probably one of the most sincere and genuine people I have ever seen. I know this man will go far in life no matter if it is with American Idol or not.
I also have to thank God that America had the sense to vote Tatiana off! I have never heard such a annoying little girl. Love her heart.

Anyways, Charli Beth is thankfully over her sickness and now I suppose it is my turn. Boo to that. I am just so very happy that she feels better! Hopefully, this run of the flu and rsv around our county will not last any longer than it already has! I've been planning Charli's birthday party while I've been at work tonight. We are now sticking with a **COW** theme! Redneck? Probably so. But white & black balloons, and a few cow balloons, black & white plates equals cheap and cute! I've made a promise to myself that I am buying ONE toy for her birthday (let me know if this is stupid) and the rest is going towards her bedroom decor and etc. Her bedroom is done in all primitives. I do admit that I think it is cute, but what 3 year old girl wouldn't love some color to her room? If you have any advice on what I could go with please HELP! I've been looking at bed sets all over the net, and rooms no HGTV rate my space all night! I would love to do a pink and brown horse theme but would she always like that? Please make any suggestions...

Here are two that I fell in love with



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Money Savin' Momma...Or not??

So you remember the blog I did a few weeks ago on how I have an obsession with dinner ware sets (plates, bowls, mugs, etc)? One of those sets that I had a picture of were the giraffe prints from target's line. I went to pick up a few items the other afternoon and they had a whole section of items that were 50% off!! What about that? I love target. Simply love love love it.

$6.24 (set of 4)


I feel like I'm a money savin momma! =) haha.
I figured they could go either as cow prints or giraffe print? What do ya'll think?

We have a boutique in our town that is also closing down. To be honest, I've seen this coming for a while now. No offense to them what-so-ever because I loved their items and they are sweet (but always get my name wrong but can know Charli Beth out of a crowed of people) But they were a little on the high side for this town. The rumor spread like wild fire today and come to find out it was true ( I did go see for myself) and everything is 50-80% off. Here is a list of what I got:

A blue Smocked dress: regular $44.00
50% off

Purple Duffel bag:$26.50
50% off

2 preemie cow outfits: $15.00 each
50% off

Pink Swing top Dress $28.95
50% off

Pink striped pants that match $24.00
50% off

Brown Dress w/ multi colored flowers $48.95
60% off

Spring Large Diaper Bag $36.00
50% off

----saved 116.00 =) what about that!

I wanted to let you all know (esp. if you live in or near my county) that our Sheriffs office is having an awareness program on Meth. This class is to be held Thursday, February 19, at 6 until 8pm.Topics will include: signs of a meth lab, how meth impacts you, and the dangers of the drug.Everyone involved in this program includes the following ACSO, SPD, AC Drug Task Force, and the Kentucky State Police. The Kentucky State Police will be bringing a "simulated meth lab" trailer for viewing. There will be a power point presentation including photos and videos of meth labs, discussions with officers from the front lines, and questions from the audience. Also, if you are a member of a fire department in our county you will be given state fire hours for attending this seminar.

(I know Tuesday tribute's are not suppose to be about I'm going to pause for a sec) Meth is a horrible horrible drug that has impacted my life is such awful ways. A lot of you know that I am a single Mother due to this drug and the effect it had on my "first love." I had no idea whenever I first met him that he was doing drugs, how awful that the drugs had made him, how long he had been doing them/selling them, and how he would turn out to be and the things he would do to me. I was simply clueless. I didn't know what to look for. I won't go into discussion about these things because I don't feel that it is the time or the place to do so. No matter how good of a person that you are or you think someone is, this drug can ruin and change a person within the first time they "try" this drug.

Anyways, Charli Beth is feeling much better! So yay to that. We did go to the doctor yesterday because her temperature was still continuing to go up but she did test negative for the flu and her white blood count was normal. Major blessings! There were several other children in the waiting room with the flu and rsv, so I was very happy to hear our news.

& Just to make you think...


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here is a picture of our cupcake and Valentines Day Card making adventure . I do have to admit the cards were a lot of trouble and I gave up quickly but little bear loved making the mess =)Yesterday was probably one of the best days that I have had in the longest time. Charli actually started feeling better yesterday morning so we did attend the rodeo and had a blast with the time that we shared together. I could tell that at some points of it she was getting tired and not having as much spunk in her but she was such a good girl! She loved the show and screamed in her little scratchy voice all day "Go Cowboy Go" and "get it get it." There is nothing better than laughing and having a great day with her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday


So being that saturday (I think?) is Valentines Day, I figured I would post of what I look for in a man. You girls may not care, but maybe whenever I find someone and I have huge crush on him I can look back to this and just remind myself of all the things that I truly need and want in my life.

*I want someone who loves kids.
*That will love Charli and the Lord so much more than he ever loves me.
*That understand that I work with practically all men, and doesn't have a problem with it.
*That I can trust.
*Can me laugh, smile and giggle like I am 12 again.
*Understands my career in Law Enforcement will NEVER make me rich but it makes me happy.
*Loves my family, even when I get mad at them.
*Who will text or call just to tell me "Good morning" or "I miss you" the little things in life will make me so very happy.
*Will pick on me and play fight with me daily.
*Knows and accepts my serious side.
*That has a backbone,and will stand up for themselves.
*Is not a jealous person and accepts that I am far from jealous also.
*Believes in me.
*Someone who doesn't mind all the mistakes that I have made in my past, and that I will more than likely make with them too.
*Knows that on Sundays (when I'm not working) it's family and Church day.
*Accepts that I don't go out much. I take advantage of the gift of being Mommy everyday.
*Will accept that I can probably shoot a shotgun way better than they can!
*But doesn't laugh that I don't understand football what-so-ever.
*Knows that I am probably the most independent girl, ever.
*That will not try to change me.
*Will take Charli and I fishing in the summer.
*Wont make fun of me for wearing a t-shirt & boots, if I want.
*Will be one of my best friends.
*Loves me for ME.
*Will read a book to Charli if she asks them to.
*Understands that I have tons of dreams and goals but realizes they are amazing and worth every bit of the dreaming I do.
*Accepts that this Momma needs *ME* time every once and a while.
*Likes to go muddin' every now and then.
*Someone who realizes that they don't have to be up my rear 24/7.
*But will be around if I need them.
and now my new BIG one.
*Will PICK my kid up if she falls down!!!
(hahaha...Inside Joke, but it's very true.)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday / Update / etc.

Wordless Wednesday Picture


This is from my old church, I took while waiting for Charli to get out of Vacation Bible School this past summer. The clouds seemed to be perfect and I thought it was a great opportunity to snap a photo.

I have been tagged by Serious Shopaholic for another lovely game! The rules are simple... you list six things that make you smile, post the rules and then tag six other bloggers to do the same. So here we go!

1. Charli Beth. I shouln't have to explain this one.
2. Baking. I actually bought 4 cakes at the store last night, to bake cupcakes with Charli. We always have the best time when we are baking.
3.The Lighthouse Restraunt. My favorite place to eat in the world. It's in Sulphur Wells, KY and if you are ever even a hint of close to this place I recommened you to go. The best country ham, stewed potatoes, beans, tomatoes, and all that you will ever put in your mouth. Take my word for it, I am a food expert ladies.
4. Working out. Nothing feels better than the feeling that I am almost right at my before baby weight and getting back into shape.
5. Snuggie Time. I absouletely love "ah snuggie" time with Charli Beth at night when I've had an awful night. I only have a twin size bed because all of my primitive cabinets and tables in my room so I'm usually always knocked off the bed or falling off but while we are falling asleep it's perfect. Not to mention "cuddling" with someone you care about while watching a movie, is always perfect.
6. Crushing. Whenever you still have that "new" crush and every little thing someone does to you makes you blush and smile. The butterflies you get in your belly are just so darn cute.

The Lawhorn Family / Kim
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Noe Noe girl...A queen of all trades
Divine Little Moments

I am so sorry if you seen my tag comment on your post and then nothing in my blog where I tagged you. Just as I started to post this the internet went down in our county because of the rain/wind and I lost more than half of my post. Just my luck, huh? lol. It's been kind of a hard week for me at work and in life general, but I'm getting right through it and passed the fuss of it all. Monday night at work, I had several people "trying to die on me" as my facebook status said all night. I maybe dispatch out 3 ambulance runs a night, and Monday I was doing them two at time. Which was very strange, we wouldn't have anything then landline would ring and ten seconds later 911 would ring. I was cussed my a lady that called for her Mother on chest pains, (she lady lives in complete God's country) and called me back mad because they hadn't got there in 3 minutes. I calmly explained to her that it had only been 3 minutes with saying hunny after each sentence to just try to calm her. Well it didn't work, and she hung up on me. Lucikly the ambulance got there as they were leaving there house. I wish people understood just as we understand how panic you are, that we cannot snap our fingers and have them as soon as you call. Trust me, it doesn't work that way.

I went to the grocery last night and bought 4 boxes of cake mix. Yea, so much for that working out and 8 pounds I have lost. haha! I just have so much fun watching Charli Beth bake. But heck, the mixes were 4 for $5. I just had to get them! Mom laughs at me because everytime I go to a store and something is 2 for 5 or whatever, I HAVE to get it. Do you ladies do this or am I just a freak? I plan on going to Walmart tomorrow night after class to get Valentine supplies for our cuppycakes. Maybe we'll invite Charli's friend Kaylen over to help out? I'm sure I'll post pictures either way.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2nd B-Day Pictures

Well, here are the two year old pictures. I'll post later whenever I get to work..I'm not feeling good at all today. Not sure if the crazy weather or what.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Memory Lane Monday

First Birthday Pictures



Photobucket's already time for third birthday pictures!! Can you believe it? I'll add second b-day pictures later on!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Workin Away The Weekend

I just got to work and I'm bored crazy...I know though, who would of thought?
I have become a huge, a-hole, magnet I believe. I am the worse person to call 911 and hang up on anymore. I used to be so calm and collective but anymore, it seems that people just call to test us, to see what we will do. {please do keep in mind, I'm not rude to these people} They are hateful, rude, and down right sorry to you when you are trying to call them back to make sure they are okay and nothing is wrong. Understand this dear citizens...We are not here for your pure enjoyment, or to kiss your rear. My job is to take care of ya, to save your rear when it's in need of saving. So whenever you call 911 and giggle then hang up,are a drunk older man trying to see if an officer will come to your house, a kid that says pizza hut and delta have blown up. We will find you kiddos and your parents will be darn mad. Old man...when you get rude with me, an officer will come to your house and advise you to keep your comments to yourself (and probably a few other in between words), giggly little girl...your the best, I have your phone number and when you don't answer, you voice mail says who you are, and then I probably know you or know of your family. So even if my system doesn't find you...we will track you down too. =)
Anyways, back to reality. Charli Beth has not gotten out of the phase of asking "where is my daddy", "who is he?" and now...Mom's favorite, "My daddy lost me, and now he can't find me." I'm so ready to be done with that. Sometimes, I have to admit it is funny to hear the little things she comes up with about it but it's getting old really quick. I'm tired of making up reasons, and telling lies. She asked me tonight when I told her that I would find her a Daddy one day when God wanted me to, if we were going to look for pictures of him on the computer. What? Has she been checking into Yahoo personals? haha! I wish it were that easy... Her and I also had our first "bad" throw down today. I cried, she cried. Mom said it was a spitting image of me whenever I was tot. I just pray she stops acting like me soon, because I feel the breaking point is near. She doesn't understand time out, at all. Hopefully, after today she will though, if not I guess there will be more crying on both sides.
Charli and I had a great day Friday, we got up early, at breakfast, ran errands and went to a little place that is out in the country on a pay lake ( I know kinda redneck) and they have some of the best fried corn, broccoli casserole and country fried steak you'll ever taste! We had blast and she finally ate great she loved her fried apples, all these fried foods may hurt us in the end but we love them! lol. The weather has been so very nice this weekend, in the 60's and just simply beautiful. I love spring and fall, but that darn ground hog did say we were going to have six more weeks of bad winter. Ugh, but how I dislike that ugly little animal...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been a year...

I think I may be the only one having the amazement of believing that it has already been a year since our county was hit by a devastating tornado, that took 4 of our citizens lives {which included a grandmother and her two year old grandson, and a married couple that was sleeping the night away). This storm injured so many others, that I cannot right now even give you an approx. number. We were not to have anymore "bad weather" from the reports that the more accurate news stations kept showing, so most people in our town went on to bed, my parents did the same. The tornado had a 9 mile path, and took out one complete road and damaged many others. I had just started working for our 911/dispatcher center on January 18th, and this night made me excited (in a sense of adrenaline), scared,and terrified of my calls and years to come.

You will never forget the sound of an officer screaming in the radio for CPR instructions on a two year old little boy, that he had just found in mud. If you heard this, you wouldn't forget it either. I'll never forget the hospital calling my fellow dispatcher to tell us that this boy had passed away & they would now need a death report on him. I still get chills over this night. God Bless these families, and praise God we did not have any more deaths or injuries than we did. The next town over in TN, was not as fortunate as we were, and had 14 deaths, and so many many homes were destroyed. I am very glad that I made the decision of going into work to help out, it taught me more than any other night EVER has.

all pictures are from the link, "The Allen County tornado page"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I never thought in a million years that at the age of 2 years and 9 months, my daughter would already be asking who and where her "Daddy" is. Let me first say, that this isn't a blog of pity or wanting someone to feel sorry. But a blog of how amazing my daughter is to already know that something isn't right, and how she deals and copes already. She is such an amazing little girl, although some days I want sit back and cry in the bathroom floor because of how bad her temper, attitude, and simply terrible twos can be. She amazes me daily with how smart, creative and imaginative she is. Last weekend, I came in pretty late from visiting with a friend and she woke up and came to my bed to "snuggie" with me as we always seem to do anymore. As we were lying there she turned towards me being very pouty and asked "whose my daddy?" Immediately tears came to my eyes, so I tried burying my face down in the pillow to where she couldn't see. I told her that we were different than a lot of families but I was her Mommy and Daddy, and tried explaining how cool of a job that it is. So then sadly, she said "So we we we not got any familyy?" Oh gracious.. I quickly replied, " Yes, baby! We have Nana, Aunt Ashy, Pa, Maw, Pops, Aunt Vicki, Aunt Nicki, Aylee, Drew...(so on)" She was good with than and causally said "okay" and rolled over to sleep.

I thought to myself how close of a call that was. The next afternoon after lunch she came running to me from her room and screamed "DADDY!" and it honestly startled me. I didn't know if someone was behind me or what! lol. Then she jumped in my arms. haha. I admit it, it was completely my fault that this occurred. So I had to explain to her that I do the role as both, but for her to ONLY call me Mommy. Now, she is in the phase of asking if everyone is her Dad. Oh help me! I was looking at pictures of my soon to be Hubby (Chris Young, yes the country music singer)...JUST KIDDING and she wanted to know if that was him. Which I can honestly see the reason behind her asking. His facial hair, looks like a guy that I dated for about 8 months, between her being 13 months to just after her turning 2. She grew very attached to him. He was a great person, and I hated to separate the connection the two had made between one another. She remembers his name very well, and still tells people, that her Daddy is him and he is at work. I am praying that this is just a stage, and she will come to the understanding of everything at a later time. In fact, I am very sure that she will. My Mom helped me understand my situation of not having my "real" Father around, and I never looked back to try and find him my self. I think that children that grow up with just one parent or those that never knew of either are very special people. I know that my heart gets stubborn sometimes, but I can love someone like nothing else matters in the world. I cannot wait to find love and someone for Charli. I know the Lord is making me wait, and when this person comes along he is going to be simply wonderful. I'm ecstatic for my future prince charming.....just...would you please hurry up?

Prince Charming as if you couldn't tell already I am very and I mean very impatient! It goes nicely with all of my other oh so lovely qualifications as your princess =)

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