Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What's in there Wednesday

I checked out Tales of a Short Southern Momma's blog today because her blog is just so stinkin' cute! On Wednesdays she particapates in "What's in there Wednesday" this is the first week I have came across it so I have no idea what it usually consist of but this weeks "What's in your make up bag edition" looked fun =) even though this Momma's fashion and make up wearing is AWFUL. <-- simple fact.

I usually keep all of my makeup tucked away in the bathroom cabinets because most of the time it's like a bull in a china cabinet around my purse/cosmetic bag! But I do have the most adorable green vera bradley bag...I'll update with a picture of it!

L'OREAL has become one of my dearest friends lately --cheap & soft. I do not spend a lot of Moo-lah on makeup because I hardly ever go anywhere that consists of it beside work. But I work 3rd shift and with a bunch of po-po's I don't wear a lot or they ask me why I'm so dressed up. One of the down falls of working with all men!

Very Sexy's blush, I love it! I usually use the more fair colors since I am so very light skinned and dab a touch of the Gold under my eyes. I was told that this would make me look not so sleepy on my "can't hardly stay awake since I work such a crazy shift" days.

My two favorite mascara's! Yes, I do wear both of them at the same time. They are both useful and perfect in their own ways. The purple bottle is used mostly for darkening the lashes and the yellow curves and thickens. Mascara (and chap stick too) is the item that I need/want the most. That was easy enough for me! LOL.

Check out the Give away at Design Dazzle, one of the blogs that I pratically stalk daily just to wish I was as crafty as all of the artist they show off on there! The giveaway consist of a $50 gift certificate to an Etsy Diaper Cake designer called Poopie Pastries --How funny is that?

We are getting Lil Miss Priss' hair cut tomorrow for the very first time!! I still cannot believe that I am going to do this. If I am on here crying will know why. Wish me luck! Now I'm off to renew my tags before I earn a ticket whenever I pull into work.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

3 is worse than 2.

As you can tell I am the happy Mother of a drama queen of a three year old that never does any wrong. I always thought that people talked like two year old stage was something awful and all terrible...all while I truly believe they have forgot about the sassy pants attitude and the "want to push you Momma as far as you can" threes. Oh boy...I just cannot wait until the teenage years.

I'm sure that some of you know exactly what I am talking about. But we know hope this is just a stage and we'll be seeing better days soon.

Also, I wanted to let you Momma's know about the Tylenol recall. Just click the link and it should take you from there. I've printed out the list to check out the medicines that we have at home. It says that there is not harmful products just some ingredients that were not suppose to be used. I'm not sure what that means but as long as no one is harmed that what matters.

Speaking of medicines, I've always given Charli Beth her vaccines and will plan to if I have anymore children. She did not get the flu shot last year because I didn't think that it was something that she exactly needed. Although, this year her and I both received the flu shot. (btw, whenever I told Charli we were going to get them together, she told me that she hoped I would cry really hard! Not nice young lady!?) I do not plan to give her the swine flu vaccine and yes, a lot of people DO look at me very crazy for this but he is my reason why:

What do you all think about this video?

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Thank you to IVF Infertility & Becca for passing this on to me!

So here are the rules:

1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

  • My two favorite movies Wyatt Earp & Tombstone. I could watch either of these every day there is nothing better than a good western movie to me. Then again, I love love love any kind of action movie; Man on Fire, Taken, A man apart ...and I just know that the "Law Abiding Citizen" is going to be another favorite!
  • My very first car was a hand-me-down from my Sister -- a 1994 greenish/blue Plymouth Sundance! Yuck! It was the most disgusting color, ever. LOL! But we sure did give "ole' green" a run for her money!
  • Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it; Mums, Carmel Apples, Gatlinburg, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the color of the leaves, long sleeves, cute kids clothes, boots or flip flops, Jackson's Orchard, hayrides, smores.
  • My birthday is 9-11. I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it but I didn't do a blog on it this year and it's another random weird fact about yours truly!
  • The number 11 haunts me. Have you ever seen the movie Number 23? Lol, this number seems to be everywhere to me. 911, 9/11, volleyball number, best friends death, pageants, I could go on....shew!
  • I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl anymore. But hopefully that will change soon...
  • Whenever it comes to cooking [right now] it is practically hopeless but I'm starting to try new reciepes and learn from my good ole Momma! I've been pretty obsessed lately with Paula Deen's Facebook and watching Rachel Ray in the mornings! I'm not quiet sure it is doing any good but we will see...

Now I tag:
* Brandi * Stephanie * Emily * Heather * Shannon * Amber * Brittany

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


GUESS WHAT TODAY IS!!!!!!!!Oh my goodness gracious!! I cannot wait!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

When it rains...

For several days straight everything turns gloomy, little girls get

bored, destroy the house

and begin to do extra silly things....

I feel like it's been raining for weeks now but thankfully it's only been 4 days. There is flooding in Tennessee and we're praying that the rain stops soon! We were out of electricity for 6 hours this morning so we had to go into town for breakfast. Which is something that I love to do! Hearing old people gossip is my favorite! A man came in and said "It's a good day for ducks isn't it?"...that is a understatement old timer!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009

L & D - Part 3!!

Part 3 - L & D

April 5 (yes, I made it past April 1st!! woohoo) I was having my usual ramen noodles (I lived off of those things practically) and daily dose of delivery shows whenever I started having lower back pain. I didn't think anything of it except that I had been laying in bed, wayyyy to long. My Mom called on her way home and asked if I wanted to ride with her to the grocery store since I hadn't been out of bed in such a long time.

As we headed there Mom joked around making the comment that we would walk the baby, we both just laughed it off and never thought anything of it since the doctor said if I made it past 34 weeks he was going to take me off bed rest. As we were leaving the cashier asked me what my due date was and I let him know. He laughed and told me his birthday was April 6th, and maybe I would go into labor.

I continued having the pressure in my lower back, but thought Charli Beth was just dropping some more and it was going to be some normal pains. Until later that night around 8 I started having contractions that were irregular, not really hurting, just enough to feel something was going on. We started timing these and seen they were all lasting 5-6 minutes apart, to 8-10, so they were definitely irregular. Mom feel asleep and I stayed awake with anticipation and continued to time until around midnight. I ended up sleeping with Mom that night and woke around 4 with cramping pains, woke Mom and let her know that I was having pretty bad pains so I was going to get a shower just to ease the pain. By the time that I got out of the shower I knew for sure that I was in labor. The Dr. was called to let him know what was going on, and he said for us to go ahead and get checked out that it could possibly be time or it could be another scare.

I'll never forget that Mom did not believe me. We left out around 7:15 to head towards the hospital. After about 8 miles and me trying to throw up (not sure why I was trying to throw up? But remember I cannot throw up! It's just an AWFUL sound) my Mom then finally believed me. Shew! (at least we laugh about it now, haha!) She called all of our relatives so they could go ahead and head to the hospital. Whenever I walked into Labor and Delivery around 8 am, all of the beds were full so I had to sit in triage while they checked my cervix; I was a 3-4 cm and in labor! I asked the nurse if I would be transporting to Nashville since I was early, but it was going to be left up to the doctor.
The nurses thankfully doped me up =) Woohoo for that! I slept for the longest time, until the doctor came in at 5 centimeters to break my water. After my water was broke and I was given my epidural I went from 5 centimeters to ten within an hour. The nurses told me to go ahead and inform everyone that I wanted in the delivery home to come on in and for the others to leave. I knew for sure that my Mom, my sister Ashley and my Aunt Nicki could stay in there. My step-grandmother Faye and Dad were in the room at that time, so we had to inform Faye that she was to leave and tell Nicki to come in. But it took so long for everyone to make up their minds of who was staying that the surgical tech nurse smarted off and told everyone that they had to hurry. Oh boy...So Faye had to leave just to be fair to everyone. BTW, this has never been forgotten and is brought up at every family gathering. We also had a wonderful nurse Patrica in the room that my family has known forever, we still are in close contact with her, which is wonderful!

I pushed for about 30 minutes, while Dr. Dobson was telling me she had bright red hair, bowing his head to pray while I was pushing (scaring my parents to death, because they thought he had fell asleep) and then this arrived....
at 4 lbs 17 1/4 inches and not needing any oxygen.!She was perfect, even with her squished in nose from being in the birth canal to long was beautiful! I was truly head over heels in love for the first time at this very moment.

My sister was the one that I asked to cut Charli Beth's umbilical cord, only because she was scared to death of it and always said that she would not do it even if I asked! She was such a trooper and did a perfect job!

Charli never had to transfer to the NICU since she was doing so wonderful, because of this we were allowed to go home after the normal 48 hours. Once we got home, her weight did drop down to 3 lbs 8 oz but soon afterwards it picked right up and she started growing like a weed!

Naughty girl....yes she is showing off that middle finger!!!! ----This is the outfit that we brought her home in. My Mom drove us back and we napped the entire way. I never thought that one little girl could bring so much happiness into my life. Now I know why the Lord decided to not call me home that day in August for I am here to be a Mommy to the most silly and best kiddo ever =)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The pregnancy & labor of Charli Beth - Part 2

Part 2

Over the next few months, I eventually gained 22 pounds, after loosing ten at first due to the morning sickness. This post will be dedicated to belly pictures.. [yikes!] since I really didn't have anything that happened exciting through the months besides work, playing bingo with my crazy parents and getting my life together!

On President's Day, I started having complications that sent my Mom and I heading to the hospital for several tests. After seeing my adorable girl many times that day and hearing her precious heartbeat, we came to find out that my cervix was already thinning, and I was to make an appointment with my regular OB doctor for first thing in the morning. I was then put on strict bed rest, which means only to get up to use the restroom and grab something to eat (a.k.a no fun at all). The doctor told me that Charli Beth would not make it in the womb past April 1st. I was taken off work with medical leave even though I was sitting in a chair all day, the doctor said that any kind of a stressful situation could set my labor off at any minute. So I spent my days in bed watching discovery health becoming an expert(ha!) on pregnancy, word searches, and made my baby shower favors.

January 5, 2006 we found out that the "it" baby was infact a Charli Elizabeth Grace " Charli Beth". Thank goodness! I do believe that searching and picking out a boy name was one of the hardest thigns I have ever done, and now the name I picked out I don't like! haha It was Treyson Gage ...Gage and Paige??? yuck.

My baby shower was March 19, 2006 at the local YMCA and was put on by my Mom, Aunts, and church ladies. I was happy to be able to at least get out of the bed to have one baby shower. It was such an amazing but exhausting day too! A few days later while my parents were out of town, my sister took me to a appointment for a check up and another ultrasound to check her growth. At this time we were told that Charli's abdomen was not even near the size that it was suppose to be at so we were scheduled a appt. at Vanderbilt University Hospital for April 11th. Now, if she wasn't even suppose to make it past April 1st, you would think they would get us in a little bit quicker?! Oh well....We were doing great, I wasn't having any troubles or any pains, except my stress test that we had to go for twice a week at the hospital. They could tell that I was having plenty of contractions and checked me a couple of times. I stayed at 2 cms and thinned for almost two weeks. I was also given steroid shots two days in a row for her lung growth!

Yes, my belly is leaning sideways!!! LOL

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Reminiscing -The pregnancy & labor of Charli Beth - Part 1

Part 1

In almost 200 post over the last year I have never blogged about my pregnancy and labor with Charli Beth. Can you believe that? Craziness if you ask me. The best time in my life; minus the sickness and bed rest!

I've been reminiscing a lot here lately due to the fact that in just a few days it will be four years since the day I found out I was "with child." Nope, I can't believe that either. At that time, I was living at WKU with a girl that I barley knew but would become one of my dearest friends. I also have to admit that I was also having the time of my life while living so close but away from home.
Never did I realize that the Lord was taking control of my life in one way or another.

On August 26, 2005 myself and a friend Cameron had a wreck on the way back to our dorm. I wasn't sure how either of us made it out alive (pictures below on another post) but now I know why. Less than a month later, I started feeling extremely sick while at school so my Mom and sister came to pick me up. On the way home, my sister asked me if there was any way that I could possibly be pregnant, because flu season wasn't in full swing yet. As soon as I said no, I tried throwing up....again (Lets not exactly call that throwing up. It's only a sound, a horrible, stuck hog dying sound, being that I cannot vomit what-so-ever.) which should of been a for sure sign to everyone of us that I was indeed pregnant. Whenever we finally arrived at home, I went onto bed since I was feeling horrible. My Mom and I were close at the time but definitely nothing like we are now. She asked me once again if there was a possibility and I told her the truth....

The next morning, we set in our living room with 6 test that all read positive, calling and getting into 3 different doctors that we seen to make sure. Once again I have no idea why we didn't know after the first one? That night, my Mom painted the bathroom cabinets and did not stop for a second. She was determined but I also believe she was one mad Momma.

For the next month, my time was spent laying on the couch trying to figure my life out while having the worst case of morning sickness in history, moving out of my dorm, leaving the girl that had became my best friend behind and finally finding the perfect OB doctor that showed me my little pea sized baby for the first time and set my due date to May 13th, 2006.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Old Fishin' Pics & this week

It's a rainy day at work and I've been here practically all weekend, no joke. I worked third shift on Friday and Saturday, then came in at two on Sunday and was suppose to leave at ten. At 8:30 someone called in, so I was here until 5 this morning. Now, I'm back and workings 2nd shift. Boo on this mess! It's Labor day, I should be cooking out and eating some good vittles! Not to sound awful, but at least it's raining today and not a beautiful day that I would be missing out on! I'll be happy when pay day comes though!

This week is going to be quiet busy for the Charli girl and I. We will have a house and car cleaning party tomorrow after we hopefully sleep in. By the way, my car is having such horrible luck this week. Not only did it get hit last Monday, I was helping with a wreck up from my house Saturday afternoon and left my window down on accident, and it came a flood. My car has been soaked all weekend. We have Ballet on Thursday, and I'm thinking about making an appointment to have Miss Char's hair trimed afterwards. Ahhhh!! I don't know if I have the strength to do that or not. Everytime I even think about cutting her curls, I cringe and my heart goes into V-fib. haha!

This week is also the Lil' Angels Attic Sale in Bowling Green which I am working at Friday morning. Since I am volunteering again this time, I will be able to shop at the pre-sale on Thursday night and I'm super excited about this. If you have never attended a LAA sale in your area, I urge you to do this whether it is shopping or cosigning. Whenever you cosign to the sale, you get 70% of the price and the rest goes to charities that the program sponsors. It's a wonderful program, and trust me you will find tons of great items for your little ones. If you are pregnant or have a newborn this is most definitely the place to go. They have furniture, strollers, clothing, toys, bedding, etc you can google the name and find out more about the sales in your area.

I remember saying that I was going to share the pictures from my fishing trip with my sister Ashley and my Dad while we were in Florida but I suppose I totally let it slip my mind, here they are. But you must first understand, that we do not fish, lol so I was pretty excited with what we caught. The rest of my family did eat these stinky fishies, but this girl stayed away and only dug in on the hush puppies!

This is what Charli Beth was up to while we were catching her dinner!

haha don't you just love that face she is making?

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