Friday, January 30, 2009

oh gracious!

Lady: Hi, how did you phone cost?
My friend: $100, since i renewed my contract.
Lady: oh okay...btw, (to me) whats your name?
Me: Paige (with a funny look on my face because the lady knows me..)
Lady: Oh well I was just talking to my daughter. And man she has gained so much weight. She is so fat now, big belly and huge hips. I dont know what is and I told her that I seen you and you looked kinda thin. (first off, kinda? thanks lady)Then she told me that you haven't ever been thin. haha. But let me tell you she is so big now.
....I am pretty sure that my mouth dropped by then. Then the lady asked Charli what her name was and could not understand or maybe just didnt have the sense to understand that it wasn't Carleigh it was "CHAR"-li

wow. I have never had anything like this said to me. But don't worry it didn't hurt my feelings I had tears coming to my eyes from laughter that was need to explode from my mouth as soon as she walked off. Who in their right mind would ever say something about their child like that? Yes, I have gained a few pounds because of Charli (but I wear the proudly) but I have NEVER had someone to tell me that to my face. Oh gracious! Thank goodness I've been working out lately. We ended up having to leave the restraunt we were at because my friend and I couldn't stop laughing at the awful comments she said, and she was sitting right infront of us.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Well, I haven't had much to write about the past week or whatever, but I figured that I better explain my two pictures that are below this post. The first about Miss Tripod, well she came into our lovely backyard/woods about a month or so ago. She isn't scared of people, or even the semi that is in our drive way. I plan to start putting some feed out for her (but not as a pet, to just help her out some). I have a lot of people thinking she is our "pet deer" by no way or means in she a pet. The game warden here would crap a brick if he were to think or know this about our lovely new friend. I had someone to tell me not let him find out because he will put her down. WHAT! She is just fine! That is craziness, and I hope you all think it is too. I'm not saying that I don't hunt, because I love too.

The second is of Charli Beth probably around the time she was 15 months old. She could do the "fishy face" so well...although her chubby cheeks have slimed down a bit and she can't suck her gums in right. lol.

EMT class has been cancelled all week due to the Ice Storm that has hit all of the nearby counties. I'm not exactly sure how we missed this but we did, and praise God for it. We were very prepared at work, a little more prepared than we have been in the past. Thanks to news we knew that we would be getting atleast something out of the storm, and it luckily came out to be very mild. My sister just lives 20 mins away from us, in the next town and has not had power for days. Her electric company has also advised that it could possibly be up to a week until her power is restored, which isn't even half as bad as a lot of people nearby. I sometimes believe that we are on a total different weather path than surrounding counties, being that we were hit with a tornado and others didn't recieve anything from it. Well, it's greys and private practice night so I better get everything settled in to watch my shows!!

To all of the nearby neighbors, we are praying for you and your families.

Thousand Words Thursday


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Charli Beth's 1st Cricus

Yesterday was my first Saturday off since sometime in September which is alright with me. But it was so nice to have time to enjoy with Charli Beth and my family. We made plans in advanced and headed down to Nashville to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey circus at the Sommet Center. A lot of the clown acts were funny to us but got really old and boring to Charli quickly. Just because she isn't old enough to understand. Then came out the horses and the elephants (just like her "ellie" that she snuggles with at night) and she had a blast watching them. I believe she also loved that cotton candy!!! Lol, who doesn't though? We had a blast there and by the time that we left she fell asleep under her clown hat, as we headed to the Rainforest Cafe in Opry Mills. If you haven't ever been there. You should go! We always have a blast, with the lights, sound affects and animals that move every 15 mintues. She didn't eat good at all, but she did love her new cup that her Pa got her! By the time we got home, I believe we were all wore out from the long day!
(heres some pics of the circus)Well, just for a quick update...Just like the top of my blog says this is the story of the life, struggles, success, failures and love...Failure is something that I do not like, something that I dont want anything to do with. But we all must fail and go back a couple steps in somethings. Well, my EMT class...I did wonderful in the class, and in my state practicals, now as far as the NREMT (which you do have to have, and then can let go after you get it..which I sincerely think is incredibly dumb but anywho!) I failed taking it and then I didnt have the extra cash to take it again. I think knowing that I failed the test made me not want to work hard in studying just because I felt that once again I wouldn't do good. I do have that "mind set" about things a lot of times, even though I hate it. But anyways, I have now successfully unsuccessfully let my state practical run out and will have to wait until a class is over and can do them again. Great! So my thinking is..I'm just going to take the whole class again so that I can be sure to be ready and pass the test. Yes, you EMT's may think I'm a little crazy for not passing that test but guess what..I didn't and thats that. I'm just going to strive a little harder this time to get it done. I know I can do it. Anyways, I'm at work by myself and it's been a crazy day, hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Okay, first off all who watched last nights show? Did you see where the hick guy told the judges to "be careful"? I'm not sure about you all but we say be careful to just about anyone and everyone that is leaving where we are, someone we are hanging up the phone with or, or whatever. The judges actually thought that this man was threatening them, because he said this. You could see the look on his face that he was very confused ( and hurt that he did not make it to Hollywood) to why they were going off on him for saying the simple phrase as a nice jester of "be careful traveling." I never realized how pathetic Paula is, I guess. Her and Simon were the ones to make the biggest deal of this matter by returning at him with "is that a threat?" and "you don't just tell people to be careful!" ...What! I guess if you come to my town you would be signing a lot of Terroristic Threatening warrants or something. Ah, this just blew my mind, I don't think I will ever watch this show again with them same attitude. My mom and I have an ongoing joke now, of saying "Be careful" and then "ARE YOU THREATENING ME?"
{Please lady, not everyone is from big time Hollywood. Some of us Kentucky country folks know how to be
polite and have manners to people that are even rude and in considerate}
But by the way, there were several cuties from Kentucky! Yea, buddy! I'm very excited to see them again. There was a girl that I deff. thought that should not have made it only because of her past of living in LA, and I believe they said she had a record deal at one time? She was one of the first girls, and had long black hair...cute girl. She had a great
voice, but shouldn't this show be about people that a trying to make their "first time career" ... okay enough American Idol.

Anyways, I have started reading, "The Last Lecture" today since I had the day off and I've been wanting to read this for probably a year now. I really like it and cannot wait to get into more of it, tonight while I am here at work. I also watched my favorite show of ALL TIMES (aka GREYS ANATOMY!). Who would of thought it? I just cannot get enough of Izzie Stephens, and I really could care less about Denny..but man he got SO much hotter since he has been dead. *creepy I know*Yes, I admit it I think she is down right beautiful and who knows if she is anything like she is on greys, but i hope so.. lol. I hated tonight whenever Denny was telling or trying to get the hint out to her that she is sick. If she leaves this show, I might as well give it up now. I do NOT cry at t.v. shows, (although tonight I almost did) but I will bawl my little achy breaky heart out if she leaves! Grey's Anatomy will be forever changed, if they take her away.

...Once again, I need to lay off the T.V. and find a life out there. I seen that Ivana was playing a game so I thought I would try it out also and I believe that some of my other blogger friends have been playing along with different people! I guess you can say she challenged anyone who wanted, to leave a comment on her blog and she would assign you a random letter of the alphabet and you would then have to take this letter and blog ten things that start with this letter that you love/like. So if you want to join in then leave me a comment letting me know! Guess what mine is!!
1. Christ - First and for most Christ has to be my number one. I have so many blessings that he has given me in my life, that I deff. may not have deserved. I fail him so many times, and still do but I know the one that saved my soul and made me into the Mom and woman that I am today.
2. Children -(aka; Charli Beth) you guessed it! Everyone knows this little gal is my life, heart, and everything else that contains a piece of me. I love her, the Lord, and my dear Momma more than anything in the world. I do want more children someday and I know Charli would just love to be a big sister someday too but we must wait =) lol
3. Church - I love taking Charli to church on Sundays and whenever else that I can attend with her. Even though she tends to "act out" the times that I am able to take her, it still blesses my hear to be there with her while she is learning about Christ and all of the wonderful blessings of life he has gave us. There is nothing better than a kiss from Charli and a great church service at Brother Danny's church.
4. Country Cookin'- Oh yea, I'm a BIG lover of some food. Esp that southern down right homemade food. Ex : chicken friend, mashed potato, carrots, cornbread, pintos, ahhh.. I could go on but is there any reason too?
5. Charles - Yes, I know it's almost the same as number 2. But this is my Papaw that Charli Beth is named after. He passed away whenever I was only a toddler myself, but the love that he had for my sister, Mother and I is very ever lasting. I wont go into the past my Mother has with her family but I can say that he is the one that helped her in so many ways and loved her no matter what. I wish in so many ways that all of us would of had more time with him but I know we will meet him in Heaven one day. "I want to stroll over Heaven with you"
6. Criminals - No people, I do not love or even like criminals..but hey they are my job security, right?
7. Cappuccino - French Vanilla, please! I love this stuff since it gives my boost of energy for those cold late nights that I have to work 3rd shift. No, I do not like coffee in any form or fashion.
8. Carmel Apples- I am a huge fall lover. I love heading out to the pumpkin a mum patches, Jackson's Orchard, Gatlinburg. The smell of fall and nothing can remind you of fall better than a Carmel apple. Even though they make you a stick mess, I just love a Granny Smith apple covered all up in Carmel.
9. Clothes - baby clothes to be exact. I honestly cannot stand shopping unless it has to do with baby clothes or a new pair of shoes. I love buying things for Charli Beth, but with me I am so picky because...well lets admit it I have a funny body shape!
10. Cabins - I wish, pray, hope, and dream to own a log cabin on a horse farm one day. (that was a secret but I'll let you guys in on it, just because I love you all!) They are the most beautiful houses, besides an old white farm house that I want for my FIRST house. lol. I'm very needy aren't I?

Oh, don't forget that Lil' Booger Bows is having that lovely give away that will end well now today the 23rd! Go buy and check her out, even if you don't need the bows right now! Be sure to let her know that I sent you over =) Thanks guys! Well, I'm going to get to reading so maybe I can finish up while working 3rd tomorrow night!

I have no idea what is going on with my fonts on some of my blog entries. I've tried fixing them but it will show up right in my edits, but now on the blog page itself. Sorry!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesdays Tribute: It's not all about you!



The Center for Courageous Kids®

Something is pretty amazing about our small town of only close to 5,000 citizens is Camp Courageous which was founded. in 2004, and open in April of 2008. This is a center for children that have chronic or life threatening illnesses and his/her family members (or any medical challenges), that cannot attend a regular or traditional camp that you and I would have attended while we were young. This is a non-profit camp; no camper is left behind because of financial needs. Which is truly amazing! As most of you know, if you have any family members, friends or even acquaintances I am sure you know how much work goes into for caring for a special needs child or even a child that has a chronic diagnosis. Each camp throughout the year is different to meet each needs of the childern that will be attending. If you go into the site, you can look at the schedules and see the different campers that will attend this year (spina bifida/ceberal palsy, ashtma, Braveheart (cardiac), Spinal Muscular Atrophy,Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, and autism) They do have volunteers that stay at the camp during all camps, 24/7 to my knowledge. They also have doctors, nurses, and medical facilities at the center. My describing of this camp is nothing that can even tell you half of how great it is. This site just going through and looking at the children, reading how their experiences at the center touched their lives, will touch yours. As all camps and mostly non-profit organizations they are in need of donations, do please check out these list and help in any way that you are able. This is a smile that you can help put on a young ones face.

A little about the founder of this camp:
Elizabeth Turner Campbell, as most of you know if you are from town, the Turner family is quite known throughout here for their founding of the Dollar Generals (in saying this yes, we are the Home of Dollar General). From what I have read on the site, Mrs. Campbell seen a camp in Florida to the sort of the one that she now is the founder of that touched her heart and then became with the dreams of opening Camp Courageous here in our town. I must give her praises, for she has done a wonderful thing for this community and these childern and their families.

Please do check out the link and everything within the site. I just know it will bless your heart to see this!

Monday, January 19, 2009


We have SNOW! ...or had
We woke up to an amazing sight out in the yard...snow! We were all so excited to finally see a bit of this. We only got maybe an inch, (if that) and it was all almost melted away by 2. But we had fun while it lasted! Charli Beth was so excited when she first woke up and I told her to look out my window, she instantly told me she was going to make snow balls and angels. So I told her she had to eat breakfast and then she could go out and play, well miss priss was a bit to excited to eat. So I bundled her and I both up, and out we went....

Sorry I do know the dates wrong on the pictures, {lol} I forgot to change it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

award & etc

Once again I am ecstatic to receive an award. Not only is this a weekly award but another fun, thrilling, random, dorky little thing to make me cheese at 4 in the morning but it is an honesty award. Something that so few take to heart anymore. I am very blessed that Babies, Big sister and Bumps in the road thought I deserved this.

The rules for this award are:
First, choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Secondly, show the seven winners' names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap". Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. Lastly, list at least ten honest things about yourself.

(no offense to my usual blogger buddies, but I'm finding new people this time!)

1.) The Lawhorn Family - This cute little family just recently found me, and I think they're adorable {esp. those cute pics of baby Hunter}

2.) Paige's Petals ; Okay so I must admit that I 1st only looked at her blog because she has the coolest name in the world!! haha. But she is a beautiful woman with such a talent. I love her page!

3.) Kentucky Mama, She's very sweet and her blogs are really starting to show more about her which is always fun to learn new things about people and the things they enjoy! Not to mention, i love seeing her little Ella in her cute pictures and adorable clothing!

4.) New Mom in Law I just found her blog randomly and think it is so darn cute! First off her "gma" name is Nonny {I call my mom this sometimes, because I love it.} and her "g-baby" is as darlin as they come! I'm going to have a lot of catching up to do while reading her blog!

5.) Life w/ a Diva & a Princess The sweet lady leaves comments, when I am so sadly bad about returning to her page to leave some. I promise, I will do better! It's been a hectic week! Her little ones are so cute, they look so sweet & sassy. Plus her page is pretty flippin cute too!

6.) Victoria's Muddy Secrets I came across this blog from a friend of a friend, once again. And her last post actually had me laughing out loud. {take a look for yourself, you will get a giggle also}

7.) Confessions of a Mid Life Trucker's Wife Okay, I just had to take a look at her blog since like I left in her comment..the "trucker blood" runs as deep as it comes in my family. Her blog is pretty cute and maybe I'll get to know her..or alteast my Mom can take a look at her blog being they have something in common!

Well, finally the hard stuff is out of the way.. {btw, finding new people was very hard for me} here goes the ten honest things about ME!!!

1.) I love veggies, pretty much every single one of them. There is nothing better than a home cooked meal involving veggies. If I had the sense to tend to a garden, I would probably grow all kinds but I would so much rather go out to the Amish {The Haebagger's..they've became family to me, I think. haha} and buy them. mmm..peaches an cream corn is the best!
2.) I have started to realize that I have a thing for men in uniform. Or maybe I just can't get away from work long enough to see the good looks of my country boys out here in hicktown?
3.) I do not have the patience to go with my child every time she uses the potty to wait and eventually wipe her "who-ha" me a bad mom, but I honestly tell her to go and yell for me when she's done and ready.
4.) I have always kept my cars looking good on the inside, until recently. Maybe it's the weather? Not sure. But I will blame it on this.
5.) Whenever I am nervous I cough a lot.
6.) I have realized that I am once again not ready for someone to be in my life. Greatttt. I'm pushing another guy away. It's what I do.. and what I am good at.
7.) Everytime my Mom writes me {anything from a letter, email, card, comment} I cry. I can go back to the ones she has wrote me forever ago and I get tears in my eyes. {Mom, this does not mean for you to write me some lushy thing to make me cry right now..haha}
8.) I am SO darn sick of sugarland. Charli loves "all I wanna do" and we sing it in the car constantly...I would really like to choke the chick for making the terms "all I wanna do oh oh oh oh.." or whatever. But then again, I sing it even when Charli isnt with me?
9.) I wish these officers, wouldn't stand behind me trying to read what I am writing while I type, and then what site are you on now?
10.) I am finally reading my bible. I will do a post on what type of B-I-B-L-E I got for Christmas and everything later on. But it is SO easy for my little blonde brain to understand.

ahh..enough with the tagging for this morning... it's taken me from 4-5:40 to get that much done, including calls also.

Charli Beth and I made a cake tonight and we had a blast while baking it! No we did not make it from scratch..I'm not that good of a Mommy yet! But we will get there soon. She loves to cook and pull her chair up to the counter to help out. After baking the cake, we played hard core in the living room ...which means karate/beating mommy up! Woo, fun times! lol.

Also, look what charli's hair can do! I am so thrilled that her hair is growing..It's longer than it looks though but because our little curly q's it wont straighten out! I'll get a hold of it one day with the flat iron ;) haha, jk...maybe!

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Love is something that doesn't come easy...esp. love from me. I am not one of those girls to fall head over heels reach for the moon & stars in love with anyone. But this little girl changed me life. She is the reason for everything to me. I am in love with life becaue of her. I love teaching her and watching her grow.

In the beginning of my pregnancy with Charli Beth, I was scared to high Heavens. But I knew that she would change my life forever, and this she did. I work my life away, to give her all that I can. I have let people go and brought people into my life, for her. I live this life I live for her and the Lord above. She is truly an amazing gift, there is nothing more that I could ask for.

There is nothing more amazing than family. I could not have made it through the year of struggling with being pregnant with Charli and becoming a Mommy to her without them. I honestly still couldn't make it. They are my back bone in so many ways. Friends are few and far to come by, but I also have a couple that are close to my heart. My Mother and sister being two of them. When we didnt have anyone else, we had each other {this is still true}. My Mom and I have became so much closer whenever I became pregnant with Charli Beth. She was there and put up with more than anyone else in my life. I wouldn't have made it without her support and most of all her unconditional love. My sister and I are totally opposite from one another, and can go a week without speaking but pick up like we never left off. She is my other half pretty much.The other is Krystina {aka. kiki}. We went to school,graduated, and were pregnant together we even gave birth a week apart. She sat in bed with me on the long days of my bed rest, and was there throughout my labor. Even though it scared her to pieces, she was there for support! Before bed rest, we ate mexican almost every day together. Shopped together and got fatter together! Our little girls have even became best friends along the way too. They will grow together just as her and I have grew together as Mothers. I cannot wait to see the friends that Charli Beth makes over the years and what she will grow to become. I'm so excited for the future today and so thankful for my yesterdays, for they have made me into who I am.


My Sister, me, and Mom

Krystina & I preggo

Charli Beth 1 week & Kaylen 4 days..their 1st easter

Charli & Kaylen {these days} being silly, trying to act like they're sleeping

I'm not sure if this was a thousand word, but probably not...I tried though =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

My very own "Hannah Hannah"


First off let me say, that I am probably the person that likes Hannah Montana the the least. No offense, little girly But you are going to the next Brittany Spears, but 10 x worse. BTW, her dear ole' Achey Breaky heart Daddy, is the cause of this. In plain terms, he is helping her with a career that is for the wrong reasons. I attend to dislike celebs that just want attention for the wrong reasons. Now girls like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood..I'm all for, they are classy something that most celebs do not have a bit of knowledge on. Charli Beth loves "hannah hannah" as you can see. I think I may have an aspiring country star on my hands. She has been singing and performing for us since she was able to talk! She loves the attention and loves rocking out on her guitar. Who knows though...Whatever Gods plan for Charli Beth is I hope she does it by growing up watching the ladies and females of Hollywood that are morals. I am sure that you Mommy and Daddys out there can relate to what I am saying?

Ok..I must admit, that Wicked was good. Even though I am not a play person, {this I must remind you again} and deff not a city person I liked the play. It was very out of the oridinary for me but I enjoyed it. Coy reminded me at the end that he seen me smile and laugh a couple of times. Which I did do! Glinda the Good was so funny, and so darn cute...but I have to admit I was not a fan of her and the things that were not so good that she did. Elphaba {the wicked} was was an amazing singer. What voices they all had! I was pretty amazed by that and everything else with the play. Now the city life, I have no idea how you people do it, but love your little souls. I never in my life could live on top of people like that, and have to drive in that much traffic just to get to a mall or home from work! Maybe it's just me though, but I like my empty roads and the open fields are my house. Coy kept trying to remind me that he lives in the "country" part of Louisville because he has cows in a field near him home. Oh gracious! lol. Well, I better get to doing my millions of things so I can go work out & tan before we head to the besties Krystina and Kaylens house for the night.

Here are a few pics from after the play with Coy

This was suppose to be our funny pic, but Coy was being serious? lol.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some funny pictures, to make me laugh atleast

If we could only reach through phones & do this...

Story of Mommy

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