Tuesday, September 2, 2008

100 things I'm sure you dont know about me...

When I came across this blog the first person's I seen was a lady from my town. Her blog is exteremly cute and family oriented just as mine will turn out to be as well as about herself. She got the idea to post a 100 things most of you do not know about her from her fav. blogger. So i figured I would also go with the challenge and do the same...

1. I am a Christian. And plan to grow with Christ.
2. I want to have 4 kids someday.
3.My crazy lucky/unlucky ..werid # is 11.
4. The only person I can ever fully trust is my Mother.
5. Math beat my rear end in school.
6.I hate to run, but I plan on being in the best shape of my life soon.
7. My papaw is my inspiration, and I thank him for looking down on me every night.
8. My daughter is named after him as well.
9. There is only very FEW foods that I do NOT like.
10. I'm not as hardcore as I seem =)
11. I used to sell cars at Gillie Hyde (whom I do not recommend to anyone)
12. My nickname is Pig
13. I do not know my real Father, and it seriously doesnt bother me.
14. I believe that people that do drugs will be the death of America.
15. I honestly think money actually can make you happy
16. I love to write, but I dont think I am very good at it.
17. I'm not very into Christmas because people dont except the meaning of it, anymore.
18. Although, I spend WAY to much money at christmas & birthdays on my Charli.
19. Charli Beth's name was almost Riley Caroline.
20.My first car was a 94 sundace, teal green..made me want to throw up & die(haha)
21. You cannot fall in love or deeply care about someone in the first few weeks of dating.
22. My heart has been severly broken before, and is still mending
23. I want to marry a COUNTRY boy
24. Montana is where I want to go on a honey moon.
25. I have more respect for Police Officers than I do most people in life.
26. I love veggies.
27. I think small dogs were a waste of the good Lords time.
28. I wish had more Besties.
29. I won miss congeniality in the Miss Allen Co. pageant and I have no idea how.
30. I would love to be a labor & delivery Nurse.
31. But want to be a Po Po even more.
32. Wyatt Earp & Tombstones are my favorite movies.
33. I loved Hanson more than anything when they're were Big timin'
34. I suck at taking care of cats & dogs
33. But I plan to have a horse farm one day
34. I actually miss rasing tobacco when I was younger
35. My next girls name will be Emerson Rae "Emmy Rae"
36. I love the name Briar for a boy
37. I do regret several things in my past, and I'm not afarid to admit it like most people
38. I say whats on my mind before thinking sometimes
39. The fall is my favorite season
40. After a day at the beach, I'm ready to come back home to the country
41. My dream house is a white 2 story old farm house
42. I sell primitives along with my mom
43. We love going to auctions an buying quilts.
44. I get very sick of boyfriends if they are to clingy
45. I think God kept me alive through my wreck to be a mother to my daughter.
46. I'll never understand the death of my bestie Jamie, and it will hurt my heart that she is gone until the day I am in Heaven with her.
47. My name sounds like I am a African American / Mexican female.
48. I kinda like it though.
49. I can be kinda cocky
50. I used to fight all the time, but I'm a lover now.
51. No matter how bad he hurt me, he was my frist love and i will always respect him for loving me and Charli.
52. I miss high school
53. My sister and I didnt get a long at all while growing up
54. I love fried pies from the Haebagger's Produe market, I'm sure they'll be the death of me.
55. I pray for knowledge to God every night, even if that is funny?
56. I'd rather hang with guys than girls, any day.
57. Gossip makes me laugh, esp. when it's about me.
58. My mother has always known best. Just like she said.
59. I could never be a dispatcher for the rest of my life
60. I hate doing the dishes...heck, i hate cleaning.
61. I worry about my parents, a lot more than they think I do.
62. When I am quiet, there is a million things running through my head.
63. I cannot wait to get married.
64. But i love being single.
65. Fake accents, KILL ME!
66. I have been betrayed by several friends before.
67. I drive a 2008 dodge avenger.. the small charger.
68. I've never dated outside my race (kinda random)
69. I dont understand the B-I-B-L-E
70. My favorite song is I'll fly away
71. I wish I still had my nose periced.
72. Carl Edwards is the hottest nascar racer in history
73. I love Thanksgiving, just so I can eat a ton of food.
74. I spend way to much money eating out.
75. I'm very nervous when it comes to money and my credit.
76. I think Coffee is gross, but i love the smell.
77. I love shakin what my momma gave me (which isnt much) at the clubs.
78. I am not scared of anything but death, loosing someone I care for and sharks.
79. I can shoot a shotgun better than most people I know.
80. Noting makes me smile more than listening to Charli sing.
81. I wish Charli's hair was kinky curly
82. I wish I would of graduated with the people I grew up with in Barren County
83. I still get amazed at the fact that Charli was completely healthy when she was born 6 weeks early.
84. I wish that people wouldn't STEAL my daughters name
85. My sister and I are totally different, but i love her.
86. Greys Anatomy will always have my heart.
87. I hate wearing makeup but I never go without it.
88. I never by pull ups without coupons.
89. I could not live a day without texting..
90. I hate my fingernails and my mom wishes she had them.
91. I have more junk than treasures.
92. I play my music in the car, way to loud!
93. Obama is not everything he says he is...and I pray our country over looks him while voting
94. All of the idiots in Scottsville are my job security.
95. i beleive everything happens for a reason, but we can also choose the paths in life that we take.
96. I think I have chubby cheeks (on my face that is)
97. When I think I'm ready to find love, I find a reason that I'm not.
98. John Deere is kind of annoying, I'm an international kinda girl.
99. I can eat a whole bag of chips by myself.
100. No matter what people think of me, I'll will always be proud of myself and the accomplishements that I have made in life. I may seem a little down every now and then, but eventually my glitter will shine through =) haha.

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Ivana Clay said...

Hey Paige! Love the blog! It is super cute. I can imagine our kids reading all our stories in about 15 years and laughing at us! Have a great night if u are at work. TTYL.


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