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The pregnancy & labor of Charli Beth - Part 2

Part 2

Over the next few months, I eventually gained 22 pounds, after loosing ten at first due to the morning sickness. This post will be dedicated to belly pictures.. [yikes!] since I really didn't have anything that happened exciting through the months besides work, playing bingo with my crazy parents and getting my life together!

On President's Day, I started having complications that sent my Mom and I heading to the hospital for several tests. After seeing my adorable girl many times that day and hearing her precious heartbeat, we came to find out that my cervix was already thinning, and I was to make an appointment with my regular OB doctor for first thing in the morning. I was then put on strict bed rest, which means only to get up to use the restroom and grab something to eat (a.k.a no fun at all). The doctor told me that Charli Beth would not make it in the womb past April 1st. I was taken off work with medical leave even though I was sitting in a chair all day, the doctor said that any kind of a stressful situation could set my labor off at any minute. So I spent my days in bed watching discovery health becoming an expert(ha!) on pregnancy, word searches, and made my baby shower favors.

January 5, 2006 we found out that the "it" baby was infact a Charli Elizabeth Grace " Charli Beth". Thank goodness! I do believe that searching and picking out a boy name was one of the hardest thigns I have ever done, and now the name I picked out I don't like! haha It was Treyson Gage ...Gage and Paige??? yuck.

My baby shower was March 19, 2006 at the local YMCA and was put on by my Mom, Aunts, and church ladies. I was happy to be able to at least get out of the bed to have one baby shower. It was such an amazing but exhausting day too! A few days later while my parents were out of town, my sister took me to a appointment for a check up and another ultrasound to check her growth. At this time we were told that Charli's abdomen was not even near the size that it was suppose to be at so we were scheduled a appt. at Vanderbilt University Hospital for April 11th. Now, if she wasn't even suppose to make it past April 1st, you would think they would get us in a little bit quicker?! Oh well....We were doing great, I wasn't having any troubles or any pains, except my stress test that we had to go for twice a week at the hospital. They could tell that I was having plenty of contractions and checked me a couple of times. I stayed at 2 cms and thinned for almost two weeks. I was also given steroid shots two days in a row for her lung growth!

Yes, my belly is leaning sideways!!! LOL


Kim said...

Paige you look so cute while were pregnant! Such a beautiful story! Can't wait to here more to your story!

Unknown said...

you are the CUTEST pregnant lady ever! Oh my goodness! :) Can't wait for Part 3!

Lyryn said...

I love the pictures. The first one is my favorite!

Becca said...

AWE! You are such an adorable pregnant lady! 22lbs?! LUCKY YOU!!! Seriously, I was a cow both times I was preggo.

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