Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Four years ago today...

I held the love of my life in my arms for the very first time. I went from a child to a Mother in what seems like seconds now. My life was forever changed, in which I am so very thankful and blessed for.
Charli Elizabeth Grace
3:14 p.m.
4.2 lbs
17 1/4 inches

Dear C.B.

After four years I still cannot believe that I am a Mommy to such a little princess. You amaze me daily with just how beautiful that you are. You have the funniest little personality that everyone loves to be around, although you also have your spit fire attitude. Most people say that we are just alike, and are starting to look more and more alike everyday.

You will be starting preschool this year! You are already overly excited about this, and I hope that you continue to love school throughout your education career. We do "home school" whenever we can at home, but we all know that Momma is not the best teacher. You can now write several letters (E,H,I,N,C,B,L,O,T) you can count like no other, know your complete address minus the zip code, and so many more things that would take hours to tell you about.

You have been going to ballet classes for the last 9 months and will have a big recital for our family to attend at the end of this month. You cannot wait to show off your dance moves, dress fancy and wear make up. That is your favorite thing these days is putting on make up with me while I am getting ready for work. You truly are my little "Fancy Nancy" - which is also your favorite books for me to read.

The swimming lessons that you participated in were only four weeks long and went by really quick. You still hate having you face in the water and think that water will burn your eyes if I get them wet while washing your hair. {Honestly, I hope you grow out of that soon!} Other than that, you did an amazing job swimming! Your first soccer practice was last week and I felt like you were so old! You looked like an 8 year old out there running on the field and kicking the ball. I hope that you continue loving sports but from the way it looks right now you are only concerned about being a cheerleader or a cowgirl! Which I know nothing about.

You are my everything Charli Beth, and I cannot describe how blessed that I feel to be your Mother. The past four years have been so amazing, you will never understand how much happiness and love that you bring into my heart and to our family. You are not only my daughter but you are also my "best friend forever." I am forever thankful for you.

Happy 4th birthday Honey!

I love you,


Katie said...

What up Paigeleana?! Charli is just the prettiest little girl ever!

Meant to be a mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLI!!!! She is truly such a beautiful super cute little girl. She was so tiny when she was born, I'm glad to see her happy and healthy and growing big and tall =)

I hope she has an amazing day and year ahead.

Kim said...

Aww what a sweet letter! Happy Birthday Charli! It's hard to believe a year has come & gone since I found your blog & now she has all grown up on you. Such a blessing! ♥

Kenj said...

aww, this is so adorable.! You are such an amazing mother.!

Gina said...

Such a cute letter. Happy Birthday to Miss Charli Beth!

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Charli! You share your birthday with my little girl Alex :) Hope your day is special!

Annie said...

Happy Birthday to Charli Beth!! Such a busy girl!!

Hope that you guys have a fabulous time celebrating!

sara said...

Happy Birthday Charli!

Anonymous said...

So, you know I read your blog but seldom comment...once again you have made your Momma cry! Never could I have enough words to tell you just how proud I am of the AMAZING Mother that you are. You have proven time and time again that you can be a young single Momma and give your daughter everything that she needs -most of all you have taught her about Jesus and gave her a heart full of love. Be proud because Charli Beth knows she's loved and there's no greater feeling than knowing your child's heart is full of love! Love,Momma

the single mama said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Becca said...

AWE! Such a sweet letter to your daughter! I can tell how much you enjoy being her mother and I know that she just loves you to pieces!! Happy Birthday Charli Beth!!

Heather said...

Happy belated Birthday Charli!! You are beautiful and such a blessing to your momma!! May the Lord bless you with many, many more years!!

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