Monday, May 3, 2010

Flood 2010

I have to admit that our county looks better than anything on the news that I have seen. Although, this is such a tragic and hectic time for us I am simply just overwhelmed with concern for the families in Nashville and the surrounding areas. We are less than 60 miles from Nashville but the rain difference is huge. I cannot believe the scenes that I have seen on the news and all that we have even had to face in our county alone.

I came in to work Saturday night at 10 pm and we had such a quiet night, I was planning to leave at 6 am as usual. Then we started having storms head our way from Nashville that had roatation along with them. So I thought that I would be the sweetest person in the world (just kidding) and stay to help out since we only have one dispatcher here on Sundays until noon. The storms went through without a problem although after wards the 911 and phone lines went crazzzzy. I stayed at work until around 1 this afternoon then went home to bed until work called and woke me up at 4. I am now here for another all night-er!

We have made several home evacuations due to the rising waters in residences. One man was also rescued from a creek that is between our county and Simpson County, KY. Thankfully, a lady seen his vehicle in the creek close to a bridge with the windshield wipers on. Sadly, we have had one fatality in our county due to the flooding waters. There are several roads that are still impassable in our county and several bridges that completely gone. At this time the deputies are out checking roadways so that I can make a list for the road departments to start on first thing in the morning.

This farm is with a house that I tried calling to get them to evacuate due to the rising waters.

Remember the pictures that Charli and I had done in the fall w/ our blood hound?
This is the church where they were taken.

S.A. Fire Station #2
completely flooded
Most of our evacuation did come from this highway that leads into TN.

This is also from the church that I spoke about ^^
It is the picnic shelter

I am pretty sure that this is the bridge where the vehicle rescue came from. I'm not exactly sure since I have "borrowed" these pictures from friends on Facebook!

Please say an extra few prayers for the TN families that are effected by this flood. I have some sweet blogger friends that live in that are also and it just makes my heart so heavy to see what they are dealing with there.
If I have left you and your family out I am so sorry and will update another list later on!


Erin said...

this rain is awful, huh! glad you are safe and haven't had any water problems!! :)

Sarah said...

Praying for all of you there! I was in Nasvhille over the weekend and almost didn't make it out yesterday. I saw first hand the horror. Praying the waters recede soon!!!!!!!

Danielle said...

Will be praying.

Kay said...

It is crazy in Sumner County in Tn too,esp. Gallatin & Hendersonville,my prayers are w/everyone affected by these floods! I'm glad you posted these pics from your county,I have several family members living in that county & haven't been able to go see them yet!

Juliana said...

I am thinking of everyone down there. Big hugs and prayers to all the families!

Unknown said...

So sad! A few years ago the entire South had no rain at all and now, way too much of it!

Erin said...

How scary. You are so sweet to put in the extra hours. I am glad you guys are safe!

Becca said...

My gracious! That is soooo scary! I will be praying for all of those affected by that terrible storm and the rising water!

Stephanie said...

Wow! How awful. My cousin lives in Nashville and though only her garage was flooded her mom's house was completely totaled! They had several horses get loose and weren't able to rescue them all either. I can't imagine what everyone must be going through there.

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