Saturday, July 9, 2011

The reason I blog...

Lately while at home I have been thinking a lot about my blog and how much I miss being able to sit down and record all of my memories since we do not have the internet at our ex bachelor pad home. But every time I even have the slightest thought of continuing to blog, something or someone reminds me that this is such a wonderful thing. This is my modern day scrap book. My journal, out reach and my thoughts.

The other day I got a facebook message from a girl that lives in my county that said that she has been blog stalking me for weeks, and it helps her to realize that one day every thing will be okay for her. As I read this I just smiled because the purpose of my blog has been accomplished (Also, to this girl; I hope that you know that you are okay in this moment of your life. These are such sweet moments that your are enduring.) Being a single Mommy is not only hard but one of the most rewarding times of a person(s) life, as well as something that you cannot understand unless you go through it yourself. I honestly would never take back those moments with Charli because I learned so much about myself and the Mother that I am. This is for instance just another reason of why I love my blog - the fact that I can look back at these moments and just cherish the memories forever.

Whenever I first started blogging I started this mainly for Charli Beth. I wanted her to see what a wonderful life that her and I have shared together, just in case something was to ever happen to me. Now almost three years since starting Mommy & Charli, I am now married with baby #2 on the way. This is now more than just Mommy & Charli, this is a whole new world for CB and I, full of new memories and precious moments.

A lot of people do not understand my blog, but I am a firm believer that you cannot "get" the means of a blog unless you have one and are dedicated to it. I have met some of the most amazing girls from blogging that have inspired me to a better person in every way and have came to know girls that live in my area! It is not where I am just throwing my life out there for any creeper to see or being a total dork. This is myour life in a nut shell and one day whenever I am able to print this blog to give to my children, you may just be very jealous that you didn't do one too ;)



i love your blog and totally get this. tfs

Becca said...

Awe! I just loved this post! I think it is going to be so amazing for CB to one day have this blog in her hands and see just how much she is loved!

Hubby picks on me all the time for being a "blogger". I always tell him that your kiddos {AND him} will be so thankful one day that I took the time to document these days!

Courtney said...

I love following your blog. I agree, you don't really understand blogging until you have a blog.

Southern Belle Mama said...

I feel the same way! I want my children to see how I saw them growing up and to learn a little about me through what I blog. :)

Greer's Gossip said...

Love this post. People who don't blog really just don't understand. My friend thinks I am insane when I talk about my blog friends!!

Love your blog. So glad to have found it.

Melody Forest McKee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I seriously got chills from your post. Thank you for being so honest. I think the biggest thing I have learned from blogging (and reading other blogs) is...I am so blessed. Yes, I have bad days, but even those bad days get better.

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Congratulations!! Such an exciting time!

Anna & Kirby said...

Thanks for a great post! I think you said it perfect. We don't have children yet, but we are beginning that process and I want to have it documented so I'll have it to look back on.

I'm a follower now... and hope that you'll continue to blog about your new journeys :)

Anonymous said...

Well said Mamacita! :)

Molly said...

My thoughts exactly!!! And I can't tell you the number of times I've gone back in my blog because I couldn't remember something. It's my scrapbook and I don't know what I would do without it!

Kelly said...

I feel the same way and I love your is awesome!!!!

nicole. said...

i have one. and i am dedicated to it.

i get ya.

my blog is for me and my family; mostly my children. i have, however, met some amazing friends {mamas} from my blog.

cheers to blogging ;)

The Wallace Family said...

I couldn't have said it better myself and I am so glad that I found your blog and enjoy reading it daily! You and Charli are adorable and I am so excited for you and your family:) This was a great reminder why I blog also as I think a lot of should or shouldn't I! Thanks for such a great post!!

Rosie said...

I love reading your blog. Although I never have time to blog anymore, I'm hoping I can start again in the near future. Isn't it so fun to look back on and relive all the memories you've kept track of on your blog? And I totally get you!

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