Thursday, September 22, 2011

32 weeks

Once again I was SO ecstatic about turning 32 weeks on Tuesday! I feel extremely blessed to have made it this far with my pregnancy. I have been dilated to 2 for at least for over 4 weeks now, and on bed rest for 5. But to be honest it really does not feel like that long, which is a good thing. I have my days where I am unbelievably stir crazy and just want to clean this house top to bottom, and then go on a long shopping trip afterwards with a mani/pedi to follow. Ah, that sounds so nice.

Pregnancy Highlights:

Tuesday at the Dr I had an ultrasound and then a regular appointment to see Dr. G. During the ultrasound they were able to show us that Bryar has hair (how sweet!) and they gave us some a few more profile pictures. I would share them but they are kind of hard to see because he keeps his hands up by his mouth, and not to mention poor babe is squished. At the regular appointment, it was determined that I am close to 3, 80% effaced and at station +1. Seriously, how am I even still preggo? Dr. G says that he does not see how I could last two more weeks so for us not to be surprised by a positive FFN test (which it was.) So it looks like Bryar Wayne will be here within two weeks possibly.

-Total Weight Gain: 16 lbs

-Sleep is still about the same except waking up around 3:30 in the morning for about two hours.

-I've lost my appetite for the most part and my sickness hit me really hard yesterday morning which lead to busting blood vessels under my eye, again. Hopefully they will clear up quickly being that my baby shower is suppose to on Saturday!

-His heart beat at the last appointment was 169 and this appointment was 137... It's completely crazy how his heart has varied so much!

-I am very anxious to know what color his hair is going to be? Red, Strawberry blonde...hmm, so exciting!

My family seems to be taking polls on when Bryar will arrive so if you want to join in on the "fun" then leave your guess in the comments. Remember that you do not have to have a blog to comment, just leave your name or an email address!

We are so excited for his arrival and hopefully I will be able to blog some more before he comes! Until then please keep him as well as baby Trace in your prayers!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad little Bryar is hanging in there for a while! You have a great family to help you don't worry about anything else and plan on that medi/pedi as soon as he comes :) hehe!

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Wow, way to hang in there!

I keep having dreams about a baby being born on the 24th. Very well could be mine (hospital best rest for 2 wks) but might be you!!

Heather said...

you look great! glad he is staying put for now! cannot wait to see pictures!

jenn said...

Hope he stays as long as possible. I say though he will be here the 29th

Ashlynn said...

So exciting that you may be so close! I know you are probably ready:) Thank you for your sweet comment.. I seriously don't know what to do about the dog hair anymore. It is out of control and I can never get "on top" of it. You look great by the way!!

Jamie Lynn said...

Wow you look great! I love his name!
let me know where you want me to mail you your special surprise gift!!!! Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Praying for a healthy and speedy delivery!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

You are doing a great job keeping him in! You look great too!
I had to laugh at this...I defied all odds with Lily. The OB's were positive I would deliver her between 34-36 weeks. HA!

LAURA@laurasblondemoments said...

Hey Paige :)

Glad you found my blog! Congrats on your little guy- love the name. My little man Ryder is a November baby, so I am partial to November babies haha. I too couldn't wait to see what color hair both he and Brynley had since I am a blonde and my husband is a red head.

Sounds like you don't have much longer to go!


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