Monday, July 9, 2012

30 Things - Dear 16 year old ME!

Dear 16 year old me,

I have been wanting to write you for a while. Why you may ask? Because there are so many things that I wish I could tell you to help you a long the way. But stupid choices and wrong decisions are typically what makes us, who we are and boy did you make a lot!

#1 That perm in your hair is SO not cute and it is going to kill your hair for the rest of your pretty lil life.

#2 You know that green car that you made fun of your sister for driving? Stop making fun, now! Your parents are fixing to hand it down to you. Even trying to give it a nickname to make it a little more cool by calling it, "The Green Rocket" will not work!

#3 That girl that you are BFFs with right now is going to turn her back on you as soon as life gets hard.

#4 Getting really drunk and going home....most dumb move you could of ever made. Mom is going to make you get up at 5:30 and scrub the entire house. Put your poker face on and smile the entire time while saying you feel just fine will only cause more cleaning!

#5 Next year, you will meet a guy. He will change your life forever. Be ready and make your heart strong girlfriend.

#6 Get that evil look off of your face! Having a good attitude and pleasant disposition is a good thing! People are getting the wrong impression of you and will remind you about over and over (and over) again as you get older.

#7 There are two boys that are going to get in a fight over you. One that is a boyfriend and one that is a friend. Don't try to stop them and do not cry because in reality the fight is not over you - boys are boys. Oh and do NOT go to the boyfriends Dad's work to apologize because you feel guilty, you will obviously only make a fool out of yourself!

#8 You need to pay attention in Math class. In just a few years you are going to be scared to finish college because you are SO awful at it.

#9 There is a girl that is going to become your new BFF senior year. You guys will be attached to one another's hips. Remember to enjoy your time with her and make the best memories possible, the Lord will be calling her home very soon. :(

#10 When your heart gets broken remember that the Lord has someone very special waiting for you! He just loves you an awful lot and is letting you learn just how strong you are at an early age!

16 year old me, you were a complete idiot in so many ways. But I guess you have to be young and dumb before you can be old and wise!


24 year old me :)


Sarah said...

I love this! I need to write past me a letter sometime. Oh the things I wish I'd known then!!! :) Have a happy day, friend!

Kim said...

Oh the memories of being 16 again!! Crazy yrs! Great post girly and so true! .. P.S. My niece is 16 and going trough all these crazy phases, oh how I don't miss those days. Ha! :)

Southern Belle Mama said...

If only we could really get a letter from our older, wiser self! I sure have a thing or two I'd tell my 16 year old self...mainly, "Quit acting grown!"

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