Saturday, November 24, 2012

Huge Pork Chops & a Pink Tractor

Lately thanks to the Thanksgiving Holiday our family has had lots of time to enjoy one another company. One of the things that we all love to do is try new restaurants. We are addicted to food, especially eating out. It is such a bad habit, but it could be worse I am sure.

Curtis had been telling me about a place that he just knew that I would love in Grand Rivers, Kentucky called Patti's 1880s Old Time Settlement. They are known for 2" amazing pork chops, and their waitresses wearng old settlement attire. I had no idea what kind of treat I was in for, so we all tugged along for the 2 hour drive. Yes, two hours just to eat out. Charli was a hoot the entire way and had us crying from laughing so hard. I was so thankful that we had such a great trip with the kids being well behaved.

When we arrived both kids were what their version of starving to death, so we ordered big. Charli ate ordered her first steak and potato, and Curtis and I had the house special which is the 2" thick pork chops. I completely forgot to take a picture until Curtis reminded me after I ate. But it was truly amazing. Charli's steak was quite tasty as well. I couldn't believe how good they were, and how much she ate. The girl is a piglet, like her Mommy.

After we left we walked around their town/community/area (not sure what to call it) and shopped at a few boutiques. We found an adorable Christmas area where they typically have Santa for visits. Sadly, he was not there so we snapped our on photos.

I tried to get Charli to go sit on Santa's chair to take a picture but she insisted that it would "for sure put her on the naughty list."

Even though Bryar was sporting his Turkey shirt that day, I think these are adorable thanks to to the beautiful background.

But this one is for sure my favorite. I would totally put this on our Christmas card if Curtis would let me. haha! The hair pulling at our house is at an all time high. But Miss Charli is a trooper about it.

When we finally left Grand Rivers after a quarrel over if we should stay for a couple of hours until lights came on. Both kids napped the entire way home and I finally enjoyed some quite driving time with the Hubby.


Courtney said...

What a fun day. That food sounds great!

Brian & Ashley said...

How fun!

Sarah said...

Paige, this looks like such a fun place!! What a fun day. Maybe it will be an annual trip! The Christmas decorations are beautiful. We have major hair pulling here too - Reed pulled Ava's bow out twice yesterday - ha! Love seeing posts from filled with so much joy and love! :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE LOVE Patti's pork chops!! Glad ya'll made the trip over to western KY!

Jamie said...

Can you tell I'm behind blog reading! ;)
Love the pretty pictures and that the kids behaved!

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