Thursday, December 5, 2013

What The Elf?

This is the first year that our Elf, "Jingle" has joined our family in December. This is also the first year that I have heard so many controversies and bad mouthing from so many parents and even non-parents. Men and women all over seem to think that they are better for not or simply a "terrible parent" for not joining along for the fun. Which is exactly what the elf is fun.

During the month of November, I get so very annoyed seeing everyone post "Day 3: I am so thankful for my kids..." Because why not be thankful the rest of the days. Why point it out in just the month of November? Is there something fun in a status of thanks? No, not really. But do I rant and rave about how annoying it is. No. I politely scroll through, maybe click a, "like" or two and then happily ignore the rest. 

The point is, if not doing an elf makes you feel like a "bad parent." Then we have a lot more to discuss then just your decision to not participate. If you feel like a failure... Oh gracious, are your priorities obviously way out of wack. 

You may not have had to do anything but have Santa as a child to believe. But my kid does not either. It is just fun to experience with your kid the laughter and  excitement to see where they end up next. Those of you who are not yet parents, you will surprise yourself of the crap you get into one day just to put a smile on your child's face.

When we started our elf Santa sent Charli Beth and Bryar a letter about how he knew they loved Jesus, just like he does. The elf was being sent for Charli to teach grace and second chances to. Because Jesus gives us second chances, Santa does not have a need for a naughty or nice report. It really was such a meaningful letter and Charli has showed such wonderful manners, and well behavior to teach her elf. She also understands that in teaching Jingle, she is also teaching Bryar because he is still young and needs guidance to learn Jesus' word. 

Now you may or may not be doing a Christian version of the elf. I was one of those parents who wanted to stay far away from them for the longest time. But there are lessons that can be taught in any version that you are portraying from Jesus to well behavior tactics. 

Our elf Jingle is quiet the naughty little stinker and loves to get into all kinds of trouble. But at the end of the day, his trouble is causing you no harm and you scrolling right past the photo I posted is not going to harm us either. But to me there is harm in putting other parents down for their decision in using the little creepsters in a learning or even a fun advent way to count down the Christmas days. 

Why can we not just be nice? Isn't a sweet kind spirit and loving one another the magic of Christmas as well? I promise to never judge you for not hosting an Elf for the month and I hope you realize that your judging me in my decision to is just a waste of time. 

Keep Calm and Keep the Christmas spirit alive folks. 


Katie F said...

I totally agree! I've seen so many fb posts about how the elf takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. Sigh why can't people just have fun. I am not using the elf for behavior but just as a fun way to create memories. My elf bought the kids a nativity set and one day a gingerbread house to make with their great grandparents. The elf is whatever you want it to be! Great post

Kaci said...

=) I get annoyed with the Thxgiving post too. We do the elf here too...her name is Peach.

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