Monday, August 26, 2013

8 Years Later

Every year on this date I take the time to write this post. It's the post that I probably look forward to the most each year. But probably the post that people wonder why I still write. It will be a never ending anniversary one. Some people are able to forget certain dates. But sadly I am not one of those people. I remember them so vividly,sometimes they haunt me to the core and others they overly bless me. 

Eight years ago my life was dramatically changed by a car accident. Not an accident that could of been avoided but one that I truly believe was placed into my life to rock me. I had recently moved into my dorm and was overly ecstatic about starting my first year as a freshmen at WKU. I had been living in my dorm for a week and had made some lifetime friends. 

I had to go have a few car issues taken car of in my hometown so two friends volunteered to make the trip with me. Only one {Cameron} was up and ready to go with me when it was time to leave out. He and I left out then headed towards my  home. It rained most of the day and it seemed to take forever for my car to get fixed. I can remember calling my parents fussing at how long it was taking. We waited anxiously then finally it was time to pick it up.  As we headed back into Bowling Green, the sun was finally shining and I was prepare to get back to my dorm. 

My seatbelt in my maxima that moved up and down with door opening was rubbing my neck. So I clicked it off. Just as I clicked it off, my friend Cameron chuckled and said, "That wheelchair is going to be so much more uncomfortable..."

Ha. Whatever. 

A half of a mile down the road, we came to curve that everyone hated. It seemed out of nowhere that we were being hit so hard that I could not feel anything but could hear my screams and the car crunching around me. Within a matter of seconds I remember hitting the pavement and rolling until I felt grass on the side of my face. I laid there wondering if I was dead. Then I could hear the screams of others.

I stood up and could see 3 elderly lasting running down a hill with looks of terror. Then it hit me. Cameron. I must of killed him. He wasn't there beside me and must be in the car. I took off running towards my vehicle that was completely in half screaming his name. As I stood behind my car I could see him turn around and tell me I was ok. 

From that moment my adrenaline dropped and I lost consciousness. At some point later I remember a man telling me that he was a firefighter and was there to help me until someone arrived. He continuously asked me my address, name and other questions to keep me awake. But I so tired. My body just couldn't keep up but I remember every moment. 

I remember being told that I was going to be flown to a hospital in Nashville for a possible brain injury. All I could think about was if Cameron was ok. The EMS crew told me that he was going to be checked out but was completely ok. I was fine but I just needed my family to know that I was fine. But I was so tired. 

There were so many moments that I opened my eyes and could see people surrounding me. But I just couldn't speak the words to say how ok I really was. When we arrived at Vanderbilt I was rushed into a room with more lights than my eyes could bare at the time. 

Within what to seemed moments my Mother and sister were in the room with me. The look on my Mom's face is a look that would haunt any child. The look of blessed, but so scared and extreme thankfulness was written all over her. I feel as if I wear this very look every day of my life now. I was released within hours and was only diagnosed with a concussion, small fracture under my eye, a few stitches by the same eye and a terrible case of road rash.

Every year this date rocks me to my core. It shakes me and continues to mold and remind me how grateful to be for each moment. I was 5 weeks pregnant with Charli Beth at this time and even though I was completely clueless this event changed my life. I now understand that He was not finished with my life. I am unimaginably blessed with the life He has laid out for me. 


Rebecca Jo said...

Wow... just wow...

Its amazing to look back on defining moments like this & still have the memories of them so clearly

Celebrate LIFE today!! :)

Ali said...

Your story always gives me chills. So thankful that you were ok! You have the perfect attitude about it because it sure wasn't luck that saved you.

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