Friday, October 4, 2013

Bryar is Two!!

Recently, I giggled about how it really has not hit me that Bryar is turning two. I've bragged that he is turning into a big boy and is ready to hit new adventures full force. Then I laid down next to him, and as he curled up next to me, tucking his palm to my cheek I wanted to cry.

These moments are so precious, and times travels by way to fast. No one ever tells you how fast the time goes by. Because it truly is something that you must see for yourself. Words cannot explain. 

Two years ago on this day, my son was born at 2:03 a.m. My first contraction hit at 11:19 and I will never forget how my police officer, defensive driving expert husband almost killed Charli and I on the way to the hospital. We knew baby B would make his appearance very quickly but I honestly think Curtis was just plain nervous. 

My first few moments with Bryar are slightly fuzzy because I was focused on his first cry. But I do remember how strong it sounded and I was so confused why he was being taken away so quickly.

We spent the next 20 days in the NICU. This time was spent growing and thriving.  But most of all, it was tons of bonding. I spent my time pumping every 3 hours and directly taking it back to the hospital for him. I would do skin to skin, rock, stare and just breathe in his newborn tiny scent until it was time to leave again. For he was my treasure and where my treasure was, my heart would be there also. 

To this day, Bryar is still a Mommy's boy. He loves the men in his life and will say, Daddy, Pa and Papaw all day long. He is a "mans man," and I think it is just precious. His love for tractors, trucks, trains and airplanes are far more than I could of thought of. He can say the words of all. 

He loves to play ball and loves watching his "Char-gy" play too. He yells for Charli constantly too. Most of the time she answers with "What is it little buddy" or "aww little bud are you ok?" She slightly baffles me on how she is the perfect sister. I know he will make the perfect little brother; the one who terrorizes the sister, younger siblings are great at that. 

Pictures books are his thing. We go through them a million times a day it seems. Either he really loves it or loves to make fun of Curtis and I trying to make the animal sounds. 

Sleeping is something that he has never been good at. I suppose having to be awake every 3 hours from birth just slightly stuck with him. As much time as I love cuddling him, I really am tired of sleeping on the couch or hanging off the bed to sleep. His Daddy and he like to take over, and I end up at the bottom of the bed sometimes. I guess it is like the saying, "I love you more than having the entire bed to myself."

Potty training is in the near future. Times on the potty are already taking place even though pushing has not been involved. He may back slide from this trend but I will fully push when I can grasp the whole boy potty training issues.  It totally scares me! 

I thought becoming a boy Mom would be challenging. I was actually scared when I read, "BOY!" Even though it is still challenging and scary it is fulfilling and helps conquer what I dream of as being a Mother. 


Bryar Wayne, 

I do not think I can start this letter off without reminding you that you are, and will always be Baby Bryar to me. Maybe it just rolls off my tongue easily, or maybe it's the fact that my love for you wants to cease you in this small moment. But nevertheless, how much you grow you will always be my babe; just like your sister. 

When I became a boy Mom I was scared. It was different than everything I had known for the last five and a half years. My life of ruffles and bows was turning into a mixture of truck, trains and balls. I look back and laugh at my concerns because that is exactly how I have been my entire life. A little bit of both.

I am thankful and blessed with the opportunity to watch you grow each day. I am proud to be there for every milestone that we accomplish together. When you accomplish something, I feel the victory just as you. 

This year your personality will come out even more. Your words will turn into sentences, and I can only imagine just how much our love for you will grow. 

Thank you for your unconditional love. I may not be the perfect parent but your smile and happiness at the end of each makes me feel as if so. 

Happy 2nd  Birthday Bryar Wayne! 


Kaci said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday Bryar! XO

Sarah said...

I hope Bryar had a wonderful birthday! I love watching him grow! He's such a special, precious boy and I know he just brings so much joy to your life!
I was scared to be a boy mommy too and I can't believe how easy it was after all that worry! ;)

HickChickBritt said...

Awe what a sweet letter! Oh that tub picture is priceless!! For sure in a slide show when each of them get married! haha

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Bryar!!! I love all those pictures of him when he was a tiny newborn!

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