Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why Am I So Passionate?

Lately I have been questioning my passion for politics. I thought well maybe it is my age or maybe I am just getting old. Even though I am vocal when I feel that I need to be, I feel as a sense of peace and pride about this passion of mine. 

I raised a lot of brows on Facebook when it came to a political election that was not even in my county. It was actually in my home town. A town that I love, was raised in and worked for during a great deal of my adulthood. I felt that my opinion and stance was something that others could read, that they had no idea what we experienced in office. The race was ugly and seemed to get uglier by the days. But I stepped in. Not because I wanted to cause trouble but because I have a passion. After working four years within law enforcement and now being the wife to a police officer, my passion still lies there. 

The one Wednesday night I sat at church speaking to an elder man who was a veteran about some political issues that I was concerned about. I wanted the view of a veteran so I sought to him for my answers.  Every question that I asked, he would give his answer then say, "when our country no longer votes that is when it is really over. We have been defeated when we no longer care to vote."

Even though I have always been a voter and put a lot of decision into who I casted my vote for, his words stung me. It left me thinking that I am raising my children into a nation of non-voters. Or better yet, we have become a nation of voters who just do not care. It still stings when I think of his words, with his hands squeezing together in urgency that he fought for a county who is not standing where it was founded upon. That moment I decided that my passion, was okay. My vocal words of praise or words of what I feel is not right, were okay. 

I am very happy with election turn outs from yesterday's polls. Except for one, we have a dear friend who is a sheriff in a county and lost. His loss will bring a great deal of change to a county who needs his sheriff capabilities the most. I'm not understanding why these citizens made this change but I know that he and the deputies who are leaving will find a place of belonging. You will never know how a race may go, and for some of us that is very scary. 

{I should have posted this days ago.} I urge you no matter what your occupation is, or where you passion lies do your reach. Talk to the politicians, seek advice, tell the candidates what you have liked or what you have not. Just never have an attitude about not caring. Our freedom to vote was fought and died for. We control our votes and it is the only way to make the change that you could possibly want. But as I tell my preschool friends.. 

You get what you get, and don't throw a fit. 

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Sonja said...

I completely agree with this. I'm just as passionate about politics and always have been.
I work with a girl who is 22 and she "doesn't care about it". It makes me furious. I can't stand that! You're living in THIS country, you'll be raising your kids here one day. You NEED to care! I don't think people realize that this does affect them and it affects their future.
Maybe with that new 18 year old, who is a Republican, that was just voted in, will start setting an example for the generation behind us.

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