Thursday, April 9, 2015

Charli Beth turns NINE!

Monday April 6 was Charli Beth's big day that she has been counting down to since the first of January. The girl loves her birthday and we love celebrating them. It's simply amazing how quickly the days and mainly the years go by. It seems as if it were yesterday that I was carrying her on my hip, or even teaching her a new word.

She is such the little mother hen. The responsible child, and the biggest rule follow known to man kind. I can obviously only hope that this stays true during her teenage years. Of course, I'm praying over this constantly. But if not we will work through it, just like the little snaps of sassy attitude that comes along with age eight, nine and so forth. 

Luckily, we're on spring break this week so it seems we are able to celebrate in some way all week. For her birthday she asked for...chickens. Not much of a surprise though because the girl loves animals, and especially a cool farm animal.

So, we began researching and pinning everything there is to know about chickens. Then after major discussions with my in laws we were also wanting some, we decided that this is actually a (hopefully) grand idea. Since we sold Ranger, we have been looking for away for Charli Beth to take on more responsibility besides typical chores. This will be a wonderful way for her to work. Not only that but it may eventually turn into a profit for her.

She is still saving her money for the horse that she longs to have but we're taking baby steps this time for many reasons.

Today was such a blessing to see how hard she will work for something that she wants. We spent the day on the farm with Papaw and Meme preparing the coop. The girls should arrive this weekend sometime and Charli girl already has her calendar filled out with the next few days activities.

We are celebrating pioneer party style on Saturday and this should be a sweet time with our family and friends. To celebrate on her birthday we spent the afternoon with my parents, sister, brother in law and nephew. Charli truly enjoys her family and spending time with them is always her favorite. We ate pizza and she had cake. As simple and sweet as the night was, it was a true reminder of how precious my parents home is. Their home is where I brought home my tiny girl, and where we made our first million memories together. It's so surreal to think of how quickly time has went by and how much she has grown. This next year will hold many more memories and even trials that we will over come, it will be amazing to look back at how far she has come in one year from this moment.

Charli Beth,

I love you more than words can say. Your crocked little grin brightens my world each and every time you flash your pearly whites at me.. Except at 7 a.m. on a Saturday. You should've learned by now that I like to rest when the opportunity is there. Your wit and charm is simply amazing and the "people person" that you have turned into lately has simply astonished me from the shy girl that you once were. You have truly found your voice as a friend and leader.

I am over the moon proud of the Christian that you are. Although you may have not accepted theLord truly into your heart at this time in your heart, I know that moment is coming and it gives me so much hope. The discussions that you have with your friends, send chills down my spine and make your deal ole' Mother want to do better with being the light for Christ. You simple inspire me.

I love watching you and Bryar play except for the moments of cat fighting which has recently started coming up. Your love for him just pours from it all and it's the sweetest thing seeing how sincere you are with him. Sometimes just hearing you say, " Awww, your just too cute Bryar!" makes me want to pause my life in time, and just simply thank God for blessing me.

Even if you never knew this, I must thank you for being my light. You have inspired, loved, and just held my heart on my occasions. God truly knew what he was doing when he placed you in my arms on that Thursday morning. This year will be full of new adventures for you and I cannot wait to see just how gracefully you take the trails and turn them into testimonies, or how lovely you handle an awkward phase. I'm just ecstatic to be your "baby" and you will always be my favorite girl in the world.


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