Saturday, November 7, 2015

This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Halloween is completely and utterly amazing, each and every year. There is just something so immature, fun, and out of the norm to dress up and be someone we really are not. Watching smiling children run house to house with candy bags in tote and the silliest costumes intact make me smile ear to ear. This year was perfect to say the least, but then again after three costumes for myself I was ready to move on to November. 

The first costume came upon by our pets study within preschool. We decided to see if the students wanted to dress as their favorite pet for their fall party. I borrowed a costume from a teacher friend and just knew that I needed a costume to match. 

After a huge fail of trying to dye clothing items. Which completely embarrassingly turned neon green rather than yellow, I could only praise God that they were yard sale items. So the next day I quickly headed to Goodwill. In no time, I had a costume.

I made the hat, tie and leg cuffs from felt I purchased on sale. All in all, this was a fun costume. Most importantly Bryar loved it, including all of the funny looks I received in he car rider line. 

The next day we had dress up for our last day of Red Ribbon Week. The teacher that I work with and I wanted to do a pair costume. We couldn't really play out good cop, bad cop so we went the wicked witch and Glenda the good. This was once again, another fun day. The kids loved our witches and my crown as well.

Then Halloween day, finally arrived. Can I just vote that Halloween will forever be on a Saturday? It was so stress free and fun to be able to relax and not rush all over two counties.

We relaxed all morning before heading to our church Harvest Festival. A few years ago they turned the Harvest Festival into an outreach service and it's so much fun for the kids. 

Bryar desperately needed a nap or maybe he just dislikes being that baby brother who dresses up to pair with big sister! Haha! I just keep crossing my fingers that we have a few more years of this fun. 

Cinderella and her little mouse friends were so cute. I made Bryar's ears and mine as well. Being Gus Gus and Jaq to our beautiful Cinderella became more and more fun throughout the night. 

We decided to trick-or-treat in a new area that we have heard about for years called, "Pumpkin Alley." I now officially realize why this place is so highly talked about. I felt as if I was in a scene of Hocus Pocus. We will be back each year possible from now on. 

We ended up finding our Prince Charming while out walking the streets. But after hearing "is your costume" real or fake 5 million times, we decided that our night of trick or treating was ready to end. 

Cinderella discarded her shoes and we decided to head off to the next ball of family events. Which included tons of food and family time, before we headed home wayyy before the clock even struck  midnight. 

Now we are full blown Thanksgiving mode, and are all about respecting the turkey {and deer season} before the Christmas spirit arrives. 

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