Thursday, January 19, 2017

Be The Good.

"The world is full of good people. If you can't find one, be one."

A wise person once stated this quote and although, I am uncertain who said it (because lets face it you cannot believe everything you read on the interwebz.) I truly believe that there is no truer words than those spoken, especially during the times we are facing as a country at this moment. I've really let myself down lately by complaining and gripping. I've been frustrated with how things are turning out in my own experiences, but also just flabbergasted at the society we are living in as well. I have failed at the expectations that I set for myself, and the ones that were set for me too. 
It wasn't until today that I read this comment for the fifth time, and thought over my day that I realized how incorrectly my outlook has been. My struggles over the last year have been known publically through my blog and various social media sites. At one time, I was a quiet person about my feelings. I sucked it up, and got over it. At this stage in my life, I feel better venting and even crying sometimes. I'm not sure which is right, or wrong. But what is best for me in the moment I am facing, seems to be the one that I turn to. 

I cannot say that I understand life at this stage. There seems to be a lot of experiences happening that are continuing to turn me into a new person. But one thing known to be true is to not let bad experiences or moments turn you into a bad person. It's so cliche but then again very true. From a girl who turned bad experiences as a child, into even worse. 

Loosing your way, typically means finding a new person on your new path.

I've literally become this new "Paige" like 47 times, and I've yet to hit age 30. I can only hope that each time, the person within me becomes a little better. I'll sadly never forget right after high school, I became closer friends with a girl and she stated something to the assumption of "I don't even really know who you are. In high school you were just ...scary."

Thank the Heavens above that people now laugh at this story. Along with the stories of how I tested my limits one too many times. But boy, does it make my stomach turn that this is the past people know me as. Wouldn't it be nice if people could ease into forgiveness and new light just as Christ does? Even better what if we were able to do this within our marriages. 

I am the worlds absolute worst at holding grudges. Especially grudges I can hang onto that my dear Husband helps me behold. But honestly, that's another post for another day. 

The heart topic that is truly pulling at my heart strings tonight is one that is overflowing within my little piece of a hometown. A town that has no more than eight stop lights, five gas stations, and one school system. It's a town that I spent most of my years growing up in, and one that supported me as a single Mom with a wonderful occupaton as a 911 telecommunicator for nearly five years. A community that has taken my bad experiences, and showed me how to love life into the new path I would face. A town with a heart bigger than the size of the state that we live within, as they all helped support my family during the recent loss of my Dad. 

I've watched this little southern town come together, lock arms and pray for a tragedy that shook the community. We held candles, sang, prayed and spoke highly of how all were coming together to support the hurting hearts within the community. It was truly amazing to be a witness to that event. To drive home, cry tears and explain to my nine year old daughter at the time that this is how the world should react when things happen a such. 

But tonight friends, I'm ashamed.

I'm ashamed that the little town that I've blogged, commented and raved to my new small community about is going downhill all over a political view. I'm ashamed that the bashing and the opinions have become more than friendship. I'm angry that people believe that just because a town isn't growing within certain aspects that it's lousy and "piss poor" as one would say. I'm hurt that this experience, is shedding light to citizens who aren't willing to accept the good within our world.  I'm disgusted that no matter how the election results will read next week, at the end... The devil has won.

How may you ask? 

Go check Facebook.

Facebook has become this place that helps each of us lonely old folks feel as if our opinions matter, when I'll be honest - they don't. But what matters, is your character. 

Character; What you do when no one else is looking. 

If you are acting ugly as an individual in plain view through comments, or Facebook feeds, all due to your opinion, then we have much larger problems.This goes for the Christian, and for the non-believers as well. Our issues as a county, and even a country with President Elect Donald Trump's inauguration tomorrow are running much deeper than a vote no to alcohol sales sign. Our issues are simply lying with the hearts of each of us, including yours truly. 

At the end of the day, you are not going to sway the opinion of the person that is on the other end of the computer. You will not feel justification in being the last to comment in a Facebook war - trust me, I've been there. But what you will feel is embarrassed and ashamed the next time you view the other person face to face. You will feel that burning in your heart, to do the right thing. 

So, can we all just agree on one thing? 

To be kind and loving.

 Let's not let the devil win this one, folks. Let's stop now, and start being the community that I've bragged on. You haven't let me down in the past, so for the love of man kind, let's get it together. Shake hands, lock arms, and continue being the small community that supports one another in hard times, rather than causing more grief. 

It's been five years since I've left the county that I am speaking of. I travel one of the main roads continuously to visit. I for one, love this lousy little town and would hate for anything to ever change it or the sweet atmosphere that it holds. There have been many tragedies over the past year, and my mind cannot help but to recall of how much the citizens of the United States proudly wore the stripes of our nation after the horrible attack of 9/11. But now we seem to be more divided than ever. The devil is winning and everyday we are getting further behind in the race of continuing to be the greatest nation in the world. Don't let this happen to your community. Continue lifting one another up, loving your neighbor and upholding your character.  

Keep calm, classy and Christian. Let's don't go into that path of having to find yourself, because sometimes it's an ugly feeling. A feeling that I too, wish I could avoid most days. Be the good within the world, that you are hoping to find. 

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