Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pancakes & Pajamas - 11th Birthday

It's been almost ten years since I started this blog. Our life has changed dramatically within these years, but one thing that has changed is how I love celebrating the life of Charli Beth and Bryar. Parties are just simply fun. Planning on the other hand can sometimes be a little...not so fun. But I try to use ideas that she comes up, Pinterest and other boards to help provide exactly what I think will work in giving not only her, but all of us memories to look back upon. In reality, my kids would be fine with dinners only but I just simply enjoy the rush of throwing parties together. 

Yes, it's a rush... and yes, I need a more productive hobby. 

This year Charli Beth was stuck on pancakes and pajamas. I'm certain she came across the theme on Pinterest and it just stuck with her. I was a little hesistant as the theme seemed to be a little more toodler friendly, but she was motivated by this one particular theme only. 



We tried to make things as much spring colored and bold as that was her one request. 



Most of everything came from Mighty Dollar. It's my secret party planning store. 


You're welcome. 

Sometime all it takes is a little hot glue then boom, you have a $2 stand. 


The pancake centerpieces came from my sweet friend Jenny who helped make them in a pinch. I know she worked very hard on them and they were a perfect match to be added into the fruit loop jars. 


Charli Beth's shirt was made by Barn Door Designs. She took my request and made it perfectly! 


Pancakes were famously made by Curtis as Charli only wanted her favorite pancake chef making them for her friends. He was SO very willing and actually wanted to go all out on ingredients. But instead I let the children add their toppings rather than inserting. It would've been a much harder time trying to incorporate ingredients into the pancakes. 




My sweet Mother and Mother in law, are always such a blessing to me. From the help with decorating, to the makings of different foods, and cleaning up. I know that none of this would be able with out their unselfish love. 





The girls loved playing outside while pancakes were making. Then they came back inside to a craft which was as simply as adding stickers to a handheld mirror. After breakfast was served the girls huddled around to open gifts, take pictures and then play more. We are so blessed with such a great group of girls for Charli Beth to go through life with! 






Our last addition to the party was asking families to bring in slippers, for "Slipper for Seniors." We collected over 12 pairs ans socks. We will be delivering them to a local nursing home in our area this Friday. 


This year for her birthday she decided to go rock climbing at a new facility close to our home. I swear this girl is part monkey and as limber as they come. She spent hours climbing up and down, and figuring out how to accomplish each step. We also had dinner together as a family, and Mississippi mud cake for dessert. 




We also had our yearly celebrating with Mimi and Papaw for her, "birthday lunch." Only Charli Beth would pick fried chicken, turnip greens, apples and, "anything else that's good." 


As you can see her Daddy took care of birthday gift purchasing this year. I'm not sure if I could love him more for a thoughtful gift that includes quality time for them together. Some of my fondest memories with my Dad include shooting together and just spending time with one another. What a blessing for Curtis to know how special his days are with Charli, even if it includes deer hunting. Charli's nana also gifted her with the perfect pet stroller to turn into a "chicken stroller." I believe she will spend many summer days walking one of our girls down the lane and back. 


Our party days may be winding down as Charli gets closer and closer to her teenage years. I hope that no matter how she decides to celebrate her birthday, she always know just how loved she is. 

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