Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I promise to tell the truth, nothing but the truth

I have put a lot of information out in my blog about me, the type of person I am, the things that I have been through in the past. So being that I have nothing - zero -zilch to blog about right now I thought I could turn this around and let y'all ask me some questions. Even if you want to post annonymous, or if you would rather email your question to me, I will asnwer it. Pinky promise! ha!


All cruel comments or questions will be ignored...duh!


Erin said...

What is your favorite movie?

How did you pick CB name?

What is your favorite high school memory?

ok that is enough for now!!

Meghan said...

Do you work nights? If so how is that and who watches charli beth? do you catch up on your sleep? I can't imagine sleeping in the day time.

Anonymous said...

How old were you when you had charli?

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I want to know what kind of car you drive? what is your go to outfit when you want to look like a million bucks? and what is the one thing that CB can do that makes your heart melt every single time?

i love these kinds of posts!

Chelle & My boys said...

love ur blog, very cute. check out mine soon. I am new to all this.

Leah said...

What are you going to college for? Do you like being an EMT? Do you just work as a dispatcher, or do you still work as an EMT, too? (My husband's a firefighter and an EMT) Do you like working at nights? Is it hard to catch up on sleep when you do? I think that's all ; )

Becca said...

How do I become as awesome as you? ;) hehehehehe

Sarah said...

I'm a new follower. I've enjoyed reading your blog! I live right up the road in Bowling Green!

Chelle & My boys said...

Yes I am Kristens twin sister :) She's gonna come back to the blog world soon she has had a rough year.. so I think it will make her happy lol... Cant wait to follow you..

Anonymous said...

Hi ohhh you're brave he he

I'm a newer follower, so I don't know all that youv'e been through. All tho appreciate your sincere honesty.

I too have been quite honest & difficult at times in my blog, yet found it cathardic.

My ? is are you a single mom? And if so do you get help?

I am..& I know how hard it is.

Anonymous said...

Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

What's your favorite memory?

What's your gulity pleasure?

Kenj said...

I love this idea,

What was the hardest struggle about getting pregnant with CB.?


Who is your inspiration in life.?

Kim said...

When are you coming to South Carolina to visit? Ha! :) Would love to meet you & Miss Charli!

AndreaLeigh said...

how do you make things work as a single mom? how do you balance work, home, parenting, sleep, etc? do you have help?

Is CB's father in her life? Does he help at all?

Chelle & My boys said...

Hello. hope your having a wonderful day and this makes it even better.. :) you won a lil gift for becoming one of my new first 10 followers on my blog :) thanks so much. Stayed turned for my 1-12-11 giveaway and then my big valentine's day one coming up!!! My email address is I need your home address Thanks so much

Unknown said...

Hi!!! I haven't forgotten to email you!!! Life has been insane. I will get at it soon!! LOVE.LOVE.LOVE that you are answering questions. :) OOH, and I love the new pics on your sidebar. CB is looking adorable!!

xoxo-Kristen said...

hey girl! IM BACK!! come over by my page!

Paige said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

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