Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Two weeks together, That is all it took. Two weeks for me to fall for you."

I am going on only a couple of weeks of dating the 5oh and things could simply not be anymore perfect. I have never dated someone and had so much fun with all while not second guessing every move that I make.

For once, I am happy in every decision and aspect of our relationship.

I should probably start out by saying that 5oh and I met over two years ago through one of my co-workers {at the time} that he had went through the police academy with. He came over to my p.d. to do a "ride-a-long" with our mutual friend Marble and supposedly he says that he seen me that night and had told Marble "something." I really don't think that he seen me though?! This was also while I was working third shift, so Marble and the 5oh would chit-chat like a bunch of little girls. One night we were all starving and everything in our county shuts down by midnight so Marble said that I should call 5oh and ask him to bring us food to the county line. We talked for what seemed like hours on several different occasions.

I was stubborn and as most of you know life ended up taking me on a totally different path. But we still kept in touch by texts and facebook every so often.

Our first date was set up for one night while he was working third shift, although I'm pretty sure this could have been worked in some other time, I think we both wanted it to happen as soon as possible. Since it was so late at night we met at the most romantic place ever Denny's. ha! We talked for hours about work, things we liked, and life in general.

I was honestly scared going into this that the only thing we would have to talk about was law enforcement. But thank Heaven it isn't. The guy can make me laugh life no one else.

Even if he couldn't tell, whenever I left that night, I had ever been so excited for a second date. He called me on the way home pretty much saying he felt the same way, so we ended up planning to cook supper together and watching Lonesome Dove together. {I did not realize there were 4 parts to this movie. What a tricky guy!}

I have mentioned before that I cannot do not cook, so I was very nervous about this. But I must admit that it was the best date of my life. It was so fun to be able to learn more about him and watch him get so flustered about how long to cook the squash.

I am not sure how many guys have ever went in for a first kissed and had a girl freak out and tell them that they can never ever kiss them again unless they throw all of their gum away. (yuck!) It wasn't even a "good" kiss but still the smell grosses me out to end. The next time we kissed...completed every feeling that I thought I was having.........

I love you's have always been so very cliche to me. It's always been at the most awkward time, or whenever I just haven't been ready to say it back and have freaked out. I know the feelings that I have for 5oh, even if it is this early into our relationship. The butterflies that I get every time he is around, amazes me. I thought things like this only happened in movies. But thank goodness I was proven wrong. The day that 5oh started talking, I knew exactly what he was fixing to say. There was no question to whether I felt the same way or not. But the craziness of how fast all of this has fell into place, baffled me. Whenever he told me the way that he felt, he explained to me that this was in no way of pressuring me to say anything back but he couldn't sleep nor stop thinking about it, and he knew he needed to tell me. There is no other way to describe the way I felt at that moment, other than he took my breath away.

A few nights later after work I headed to his house, and was on the phone with him saying I was going to drop something off to my sister. I talked to him the entire way while he was telling me some random story, whenever I was pulling into his drive, I quickly said "hey I gotta call you back" while he was in mid-sentence. Poor thing sounded very confused, then whenever I walked into his house I couldn't stop giggling and he just stood there smiling saying that I surprised him. Eventually after he kissed me, I was still giggling but I finally got the words out and told him "I'm completely in love with you too." {wow.}

You may think we are a little bit crazy but I know these feelings are true and are more perfect than I can ever explain to anyone. I was asked today if I was letting my dream of love and family confuse me with being in love, and the only answer I can give is that, "Whenever I say I love you, it's not just another I love you. There are butterflies that melt my heart. I am amazed each day by something new and wonderful that you do. Each day is more amazing than the last, and every time I look into your eyes I cannot help but to smile because I know I have found my "one." {holy hello, I cannot believe i just wrote that. It gives me butterflies even typing this and he cannot even find my blog because he is so computer illiterate. haha!!}
I can only ask that you pray that this continues to go as amazing as it has been.

Every single day has been greater than the last. Even though we have no idea what tomorrow holds, I do know that I am excited for the future and whatever it brings.


Mrs Gable said...

What a sweet story! I am so excited for you guys. God Bless!!!

Unknown said...

i smiled through this whole post!!
praying that the Lord will guide you both and show you each step to take!!!

so excited for you =)

Becca said...

Oh my gracious. This is just way too sweet!!!! SO happy for you and him and CB!!!! Best wishes for y'all!

Unknown said...

Ok, it's probably just the pregnancy hormones, but I teared up throughout this whole post. I'm so happy for you! The relationship my hubs and I had moved very quickly as well. And like you, I knew it was right because I didn't second guess anything. So happy you have found the one!

Ashley said...

Ok so I'm finally catching up on your blog and I am sooooo happy for you girlie! being in LOVE is the best ;)


wishing you all the best girlie!!!

Sarah said...

They always say when you know, you know! :) So happy for you!!!

Whitney said...

This is so precious! I can totally relate because on my first date with my fiance I knew there was something WAY different about us! We exchanged the love word super quick too but I wouldn't change it at all! Congrats to you! New love is such a great feeling! Praying for you!

Jessica said...

I am so happy for you!! I love this post!

PS. I'm going to email you those pics in a bit! :)

Kelly said...

Congrats Paige! I am so happy for you two! I hope you and Chairli Beth are happier than ever!

Kelly said...

Such a sweet story:)So happy for you!!!

Kristin said...

Yay!!! Love the new pics on fb!!! way to go!!

Kelli said...

I am so happy for you!! Isn't it great to have those butterflies!! It may have taken time and many rough roads but it sounds like you have found true love. There is no time frame for true love!

KElli @

Rosie said...

This is just too sweet! Don't ever feel you have to explain ya'lls relationship or how fast it's progressed. You can't help it if you love someone instantly. My hubby and I met & I immediately fell in love (hence my blog title) and we've been together ever since. 8 yrs & married 4 1/2. Good luck girl, hope to read more about him!

xoxo-Kristen said...

so excited for you! nothing like being in love girl :)

Erin said...

love this so glad you got it on the blog and wrote it all down :) You know all my thoughts.. always thinking about you girl!

Lea Liz said...

I am so very happy for you!!!! I love this story and think its amazing! You defintly know when it's "real."!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

Awwwww Paige!! I am SO happy for SOOO deserve this!!

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