Thursday, August 1, 2013

Panama City Beach 2013

A few weeks ago we made the trip to Panama with my side of our family. We left around 3 in the morning with sleeping kids in tote. We stopped for breakfast then traveled onto make our way to the beach. Around 50 miles to our destination Bryar threw up, all over his carseat and himself. So we left the flow of traffic and pulled into a mechanical shop and cleaned for what seemed like two hours. I am very sure all of the passerby's felt very sorry for us, because I must admit I felt sorry for myself cleaning this up in such humid temps. 

When we made our way to the condo to meet up with the rest of our family it was time for peace and relaxation. My sister and I took our annual grocery trip while the men let the kids swim. Sadly, from the cooler temperatures and rain in the past week the water was freezing the first two days. By midweek we had lots of rays of sunshine and warmer water to cool is off! 

The little boys loved the water. Bryar loved having pool side concerts on the ladder. He would sing and dance. He also gave me a huge scare by running away from me and jumping in. I somehow caught him, but then tripped myself going under with him, then bought him up into the air by one foot. The stinker did not get choked up, one bit. I on the other hand had to call it a morning and take him in for nap before I had a massive heart attack. 

This is the first year that Curtis and I have visited Seaside together. I had honestly never heard of this cute quaint little area until my parents had started going. The air steam food trucks were simply one of my favorite parts of our trip. Barefoot BBQ was probably one of my favorites. Great southern was simply amazing too. The crab cakes had to be the best that I have ever had. Each day we visited Seaside an unexpected thunderstorm rolled in. The first time I was stuck under an umbrella with Bryar, another couple and two teenagers complaining about thee hair. I had high intentions of pushing them into the rain until my Dad thankfully pulled up in his car. 

We spent our days poolside and being beach bums. It's the perfect way to spend vacation. We spent our nights trying new restaurants and eating at pier park. One of Charli's favorite memories is jumping at Pier Park. The man that helped her this time taught her to do a back flip, which she was very excited about. Curtis and Charli then rode the ferris wheel together, and her and I rode the Sea Dragon together. 

On the last day my little family took a solo trip to Gulfworld due to cloudy skies. Charli and I have been twice before and the loved it then. Thankfully, both of the boys loved it this time too! 

When it was time to pack up and head for home the weather was a tad crazy. The wind was shaking the rails on our balcony and the clouds just looked creepy - even for me, the girl who is always dying to see a huge storm. About an hour into our trip home, Bryar threw up again. It was raining this time, and I pulled into a horse farm where Charli thanked me about twenty times for stopping there. After driving for hours in the rain and stopping for lunch Bryar vomited again. Eek! My head was going to explode by this time. My Mom and sister pulled off this time to help, while Curtis cleaned him up. 

As you can see it was a very interesting trip home. I typically am always ready to be back to see farm lands and the pretty Kentucky views, but this time was different. I could stayed at the beach for a long long time with by family by my side. 


Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Great trip!! We love staying in Seaside and South Walton beaches!!

Kelley said...

Likes like a great trip but man I feel sorry for you with your car trips. Does Bryar just get carsick?

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