Monday, February 8, 2016

Allergy test touturing children since 1860

wasn't prepared. He defiantly wasn't prepared. It was the epitome of a Motherly fail moment, as I had so gently warned my four year old that it wasn't going to hurt. He cried, we could've. But all in all everyone survived, and the tears subsided...after minutes of telling us he was never taking his shirt off again.

I possibly couldn't have blamed him. 

After twenty minutes, the mystery of Bryar's allergies were told. He is allergic to grass, mold and dogs. Gasp. 

We were totally not prepared for the last one. Actually we had even joke around with Bryar while he was all snuggled up to Gunner man recently, saying that he was probably allergic to him. Obviously, our large fur babe isn't the cause of the hives that seem to visit every few months, so our precautionary steps there will be mild. Although, we do plan to take actions on different cleaning methods. Thankfully none of his allergies are severe and his doctor prescribed a medicine to try once a day. 

I'm a slacker lately, so we will be doing this soon. Then waiting to see if another hive comes up at a random time or season. 

After the not-so-very fun allergy skin test, we went in for a sleep study. I was honestly a nervous wreck, and had been trying to prep up how cool it was would be to sleep as a robot for the night. Bryar's sleeping methods are terrible. They're probably the most whacked up case known to child life. It typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to get him asleep soundly. This is with the same routine each night:

- brush teeth
- read 3 books
- pray
- lay down until you get sleepy
-sleep like "big boy" or yell at Mom to lay with you because you just need someone to "lay wif." 

Each night he wakes up at least once, if not three times,  course during the study he went to sleep in less than thirty minutes. I swear kids have a way of showing their parents up. He was overly ecstatic to have worms, wires, robots, and even a laser toe. At one point during the night while settling back in, his laser toe even, "shot through a wall," so who wouldn't love that. The sleep tech was overly amazing and literally had the best bed side manner of anyone I've ever met. She is the first person I've ever written several recommendations of rewards and recognitions for. Single handily she made our night wonderful. 
 He has gratefully slept through the night {maybe} 15 times. He snores while sleeping occasionally, especially if his head is in a certain position. Then in the morning waking him up, is like trying to wake a 1,000 lb bear from hibernation. It's scary, angry, and even sad. I've been concerned for sometime that he possibly is dealing with some sleep apnea issues. But of course, I could be seriously wrong. He could just be incredibly spoiled. 

Although, after speaking with a friend who is also an ENT nurse, she felt the same way. We were able to make an ENT appointment very quickly and went the morning before the allergy test. His tonsils are only a two at a large range being size four. So, they really wanting to check for sleep apnea because his adenoids could be large and holding in his allergens. Of course, we hope to not do surgery but most of all we want our son safe, and breathing to the best of his ability. I honestly never realized the effects sleep apnea could have on children or one their behavior. 

It will take up to two weeks for us to receive the results from his study. Until, then we are not-so patiently waiting, all while I go back and forth to a bedroom trying to make him fall asleep with a cuddle buddy.

 One day I will miss these late night yellings for, "mama mama mama mama mama!!!" 

But some nights it's just exhausting, and I may even shed tears over the lack of patience and sleep that my body functions on. 

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Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Goodness, that is a lot in one day! Sounds like you are describing Harper perfectly. Allergy testing was horrible, I am sorry! Hoping you get answers soon.

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