Thursday, April 16, 2009


Last night I was watching American Idol as usual for Wednesday nights, and I seen that Miley (hannah hannah) was signing her latest song "the climb" on it. I have came to realize that not only is the poor girl an awful role model for these young girls, but a horrible singer love her soul. Not that Miley has done anything that is very out of control, or anything to the sort. But I wouldn't like my 13 yr old watching her with all of the controversy that she's already got her self into w/ pictures and etc. I've never been a huge Miley fan, I've always said that she is going to be the next Brittany Spears. Like it or don't like it, this will happen, lol. This is unless Miley finds her own "self" during the next few years instead of trying to be like others. Her hand motions and facial expressions looked like they were so very uncomfortable with her last night. Her latest song, is very good within the lyrics so I have added it to my playlist at the bottom if you haven't heard it yet. Also, I'm just wondering why on all of the people in the world why they used the "save" on Matt from last night. That was insane to me?? But I was a Michael lover, and the other little blonde girl that sung Joelea whenever she was sent off.

Charli Beth hasn't had any more problems with the spider bite thankfully =) But she did fall out of bed last night and then we broke a bunch of glass in the kitchen. I'm just starting to think that my girl and I have some exteremly bad luck here lately.
* Someone hitting my car
*them "leaving the scene of the accident"
*spider bite
*lost my debit card
*found my debit card after i cancelled it
*fall out of the bed
*Computers shutting down at work @ 3 am and not being able to save any info at all.

My list of blessings is SO much longer than this silly little bad luck list =)

Happy Birthday to Ivana!!!!



Constant Family said...

I agree with your opinion on Miley. Hannah Montana is every where you look.

I hope you start having better luck and Charli's spider bite get better.

Ivana Clay said...

Thank you soooo much for my birthday wish! :) It made me smile!!!!

I also agree with your thoughts on Miley. I watched her on the ACM's and thought she had to be lip syncing since it sounded good. Once I watched Idol and she was singing live I confirmed I was right. She is tweaked a lot, from her natural voice to what we here on the radio. Not that I can sing a lick, but I am not out there trying to sell records! LOL!

Hope you luck changes! It seems like bad things happen in groups. At least that is how it is with us. Glad that Charli is doing good! TTYL!

Chris said...

Have a good weekend!

Juliana said...

Thank you for you comment son my page. I agree with Miley too. AND the luck thing. My friends tell me they don't understand why I have had to carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders during my life. One bad thing after another but I always try to see the good and live life with all that I have got. I am praying for good luck for you and I:)

Anonymous said...

I agree on the save about Matt...WTF!!!

Who do U think will win it???

And I hope your luck changes...we all get into a rut sometimes. Pray on will turn around. He doesn't give you anything U can't handle.


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