Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Won't be like this for long...

You are my "I love you."

I have to admit, I've been having a horrible time lately struggling with terrifying threes. We had a lovely run through of "terrible twos" but every since her birthday party we've been wild wild wild. Who knows maybe it's a cause of to much cake and sugars in one weekend and it still hasn't wore off? Or maybe Momma is just getting old and lazy? My Mom would probably agree with the second. haha. But then I start to realize that this isn't just terrifying three stage, it's another journey into a wonderful year filed with funny moments, and amazing times. She is my best friend, no matter how much I joke about not having any friends, her and the rest of my family is all I will ever need. This girl can pick me up whenever I am down, no matter what. I am so blessed to be the Mommy that I am, and be there for her whenever she needs me just as much if not more than I need her in my life. She is a truly amazing little girl, and I wish that all of my blogger buds could meet her. She would put a smile on your face in one instant. I hope I never forget how lucky I am (which I am very sure that I will not) although sometimes I get tired and annoyed by the little things, I know "it wont be like this for long."

Dear Miss little Charli,
Whenever I first found out that you were coming into my life, I never could of imagined at that time how much joy you would bring into my life. The first year was such an up and down roller coaster that at times I didn't even know where life was going to take us. I miss you being so small that it brings tears to my eyes. I love you more than I could ever express to you in words. My happiest moments are dancing in the living room with your or shaking our "hinnie's" to I like to move it move it. I love how you pick on and tease me already at the age of three. How you beat me up and "pow pow" me in the stomach while running off laughing. I honestly like having you to kick me out of my bed every night and even if I get mad that you wont eat your cereal because you just want to drink the milk, it's secretly okay..."you're just a little girl one time," and I hope that these years are the greatest for you because I just know they will be for me. I love you more than you could ever imagine.
[3 busshel baskets just like Nana and Mama say.]

Charli and I were both feeling better this morning whenever we got up although Mom is still laid up in bed so hopefully she will get better asap.
I am looking for someone to re-do my blog that isn't very expensive to make it look more organized and classy. Do any of you ladies know of a designer that will be good?


Elizabeth said...

Awww.....this made me teary eyed. Your post is so heartfelt....I totally understand how you feel about your little girl. I'm the same way. I didn't know how much joy and happiness she would bring into my life!

I'm not sure about the blog designs, sorry!

Nichele Lynn said...

That song makes me melt :( Perfect post darlin'!!

Anonymous said...

This has made me cry like a baby...you gotta stop it, I am getting very emotional in my Nana age..lol

Again, I love you, sooo very proud and blessed that you are the daughter and mother you are. When you are at work and I read your blog, I always show the new pics and read a little to Charli Beth for you :-) you know she's all about something being about her..lol

I love your blog lay out just like it is but then again I don't know too much about this stuff.

Love ya sweetie!!

Heather said...

Hi, it's Heather from 3 under 3. Your daughter is precious. Absolutely beautiful.

And you are so right about the Terrifying 3's. The terrible 2's were nothing compared to this. I am getting ready to make a blog post about this very thing. It is a tough age because I want to scream in anger one second, and then the next my daughter does something so funny and cute, I can't help but love it.

Ivana Clay said...

Okay, you are making me cry!!! What a great letter for Charli to look back on one day! And I love, love, love that song!!!!

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