Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I have no idea why I just changed my blog background and the picture above. At first I hated it, but right now it's making me think of spring flowers and warm weather. Which seems like such a blessing to have at the moment. Mom, Charli and I are all sick w/ sore throats and some what of a stomach bug. Yucky!

Easter was a wonderful day. I was actually off from work and was able to attend church w/ all of my family and a guy from my EMT class ( I know all of ya'll are thinking "ooo la la la" but can you really consider a date as Easter Church service and dinner w/ my entire family. Poor guy did so very good for meeting my ENTIRE family in one day.) Charli was a little on the hyper side after egg hunting and eating a few bites of candy throughout church. I sadly wasn't able to attend either of her egg hunts this year, just like last. I had to work friday night then had class from 8 -1, the egg hunt started at 2 and was 30 mins away and the girl needed easter socks because her piggies are growing WAY to fast. After practically no sleep and heading back into work 3rd shift saturday I crashed once I got home sunday morning and missed Sunday school. I would of loved to have been there to help her. Hopefully one day soon, I'll be able too =)

Here are a few pictures from her egg hunts, and btw I should have pictures up of her new room by the end of the week !!! yay!! It has been pretty much done for about two weeks now, I just need to add a few more odds & ends before showing it off!

I do have to thank my amazing Mom for always taking Charli Beth to church (and both of my parents for taking her to other church organizations and etc). Charli is so very blessed to have such a family that cares and loves her more than anything in this world. Someone asked her infront of me yesterday if she knew the reason why we have Easter and she quickly said "because Jesus loves us, and died on the cross." How amazing is that? Mom called me at class the other night told me that Charli was sitting at her prayer bench that my sister made char for her bday praying for one of her baby dolls that was in the "hospital!" Ahh, that just melts my heart above anything else. I am blessed to have the family and support that I do. I'm not sure where our lives would be without them.
Hope you all had a great Monday!!


Kim said...

What a sweet blog you created! I love it! btw I created my main picture off of photobucket scrapblog, incase your wondering.
I'm sorry you had to miss her easter egg hunt, maybe next year. I love her dress! Such a sweet little girl! :)

Unknown said...

I like the new blog set up...it is very springy! ;0) Your little girl is so beautiful.

Unknown said...

soooo sweet! she is such a precious, beautiful little girl!

Anonymous said...

I love you Paige and so proud of the wonderful Mom you are!


Nichele Lynn said...

I love the new header. VERY fitting for you two lovely ladies!!! She is SO sweet in her Easter dress!

Ivana Clay said...

I am lovin' the new blog look! :) It is very springy! Glad that you all had a good Easter and you got to spend some QT with the family. That is always good. I am sure you are like me though, and it all just goes by too quick!

Hope you all get over your sick-ies soon! If this crazy weather would make up its mind, maybe everyone would get healthy!

Have a good week!

Constant Family said...

I love the new look that you have on your blog. It makes me think of spring and I am ready for that.

Charli is such a cutie. Vicki was in the office telling stories about her the other day. I am sure that every day is an adventure with her.

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