Monday, May 18, 2009


Yesterday was probably the most amazing day that I've had in who knows how long! I worked third shift Saturday night and went home to bed until around 10:30 and was able to attend church with Charli Beth, we then came home to enjoy **SLOPPY JOES** and I was very excited for this being that Charli had never had one before! But let me tell you she wasn't as excited as I was! lol. I did snap a few pictures of her getting a bit messy into it but she was to concerned in going to EMT skills practice with me rather than eating. So we headed to class, to see "Marker" at his work, which I was barely able to get her to leave from (another story for another day though) and then had dinner together after wards at no other than her new favorite Taco Bell. I was so excited to be able to spend the day with Charli and especially able to attend church with her! That is something that I miss the most about my weekends. I hope that things change soon to where that I am able to attend church with her more. Here is a video of Heather (who is a family friend and also does our pictures) singing at church. I'm actually not sure whenever it was but I love this song and she is such an amazing woman.

Another long night at 911.

ABC favorites of ME!
I found this on a blog and figured I would do it too.
This is how bored, I am.
I know I should be studying, but you'll see why I'm not if you keep reading (W)

Artistic Talent
- I cannot even cut a straight line. I'm not creative or artistic, in anyway. I promise.

Birthplace-Chattanooga, babyyy.

Career Aspirations at Age 6: I think all I ever really dreamed of while growing up was having 4 kids, a farm, and a log house. Not much has changed besides I do not see myself as a stay at home Momma.

Dreams, Recurring- pregnancy ..ekk!

Elementary School, name of:- Austin Tracy

Fabrics and Materials, favorite to wear on body:- cotton, please?

Gym, work out at one?- [haha] oh please don't make me laugh! The YMCA whenever I have time and not feeling lazy. I need some motivation.

Happy Memory- No other than the birth of the lovely little crazy thing I call my daughter!

Introvert or Extrovert?- It all depends on who is around.

Jewelry/Trinkets Worn Regularly- earrings. any kind. But this reminds me that I need a watch.

Kmart, walmart or target - first off I had to change this letter because theirs was really not what I wanted. lol. I'm a huge and I mean huge target fan. I cannot go into this store without spending wayy to much money.

Latest Book Read:
- No other than the darn ole EMT book. I need to read it a million times more.

Medications (?)
- Zero. I hate taking pills, it's a pretty funny sight whenever I have too. yuck!

Nickname(s), current- Pig.

Odd food craving- Ice cream in the box. I cried whenever I was pregnant because my parents wouldn't let me eat my ice cream out of the box. You know the crisp taste whenever you take the first bite. Lol. that is what I was craving.

Pets, current- Cat named "Bo" / wanting to get a puppy soo bad.

Quote; favorite- "I love you this much Momma" -Charli Beth with her spread very far apart.

Role Models- My Mama Jama

Season- Fall. I love the warm but breezy crisp air. Ahh, and now I'm craving a Carmel apple. Yum!

Tell a secret- I like him. ooo, now it's not a secret. lol, I think he knew that already =)

Unique item you own- Not really that unique but an friend of mine and I tore down a building on his property a long time ago, and I'm really into primitives. The building actually used to be a store that was owned by his family. We eventually had a family member of his to make a table for me out of this door. It's beautiful and I love it. It is actually used for my computer table now but one day I hope to have it as much more.

Veggie I hate- ooo that's a tough one. My Mom may have to correct me on this but I'm a huge veggie lover, and I cannot think of one that I do not like?

Worst habit- Procrastination. I am bad bad bad at this.

- head to toe.

Your/My Favorite Food- Another tough one! I just love food way to much. But I would probably have to say it's up between a meal from the Lighthouse Restaurant in Sulphur Wells, KY / Momma's breakfast, I love it. No doubt about it. Or her meatloaf. It's to hard to pick from.

Zodiac- Virgo I'm a 9-11 baby.

If your bored please play along but be sure to leave me a comment letting me know so that I can read them while I'm bored at work this afternoon!! Oh, and feel free to change up the letters because as you can tell I had too and even whenever I didn't some of the letters/words were a bit out there!

I found this picture on my cousin Aylee's Myspace profile and she had actually just taken it of them two tonight. At first I was thinking that I love the fact that my little Aylee is trying to look at cute using my daughter. How nice, huh? lol. Well then I noticed after adding it to my Facebook that Aylee has her finger stuck up behind Charli's head. Not cool but forgiven because Charli looks like she is having fun with her! I just thought it was pretty cute and funny and had to share it!


Now I'm heading home to bed at 6, to get up and be back at work at 3. I just love days like these...NOT! =) haha.


That's What She Said said...

thanks for visiting my page! Looks like you have a little heartbreaker on your hands too! :)

Juliana said...

I have been so bad at blogging or reading blogs lately. I loved this and will have to do it later for sure!!!

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