Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bike Day...kinda?

Mark/"Marker" and I took Charli Beth to the state park yesterday to try the bike out and didn't go as well as planned. But what does go as planned with a 3 yr old? Whenever we were headed there the sunshine couldn't have been anymore perfect and beautiful, although as we got out it started to thunder. The little while we were there though she had a blast.Her & Mark trying the bike out for the first time this year.

She said she was "DONE" and headed towards the fun stuff!
Look at those arms swinging

...then back on. Trying so hard this time.
He was so much help with her & sometimes I think he's an even bigger kid than she is while they're playing!
Opps! Almost a crash!
We were going to take her for ice cream after we left but decided against it after it came a "cats & dog rain." We did head down towards the docks to see how much the lake was still up. If you live anywhere near Barren River Lake, I'm sure you are amazed at how much the lake is still over! (or maybe I'm just easily amused) If it doesn't rain or storm again today we are going to head back outside to try the bike out again. If you have kiddos around Charli Beth's age how long did it take the to learn? Or if they are older what age was it they became a pro at the tricycle? Well, we just had snack time so I better go clean up messes and straighten up the house so I can catch my daily dose of 7th Heaven =) Have a great day!
He's amazing.


Becca said...

Love all the pictures! The two of them are really sweet together!

We got Autumn that same bike for her birthday last year and after 2 days of riding in the house, she had it down. I'm sure Charli Beth will get it in no time!

Unknown said...

oh. my. GOSH. paiiiigeee!! these are so PRESH!! :) what cuties {both of them...:) :)}

Emily Ann said...

She is SOOOO adorable! Goodness!

I can't believe how much the lake is still up either! It's crazy. I remember last year, it was barely even where it was supposed to be and in some spots it wasn't. I love it though, it's so pretty!

heather said...

nice pics.i have no idea about the bike thing lol Alyssa is 4 and don't have one yet,her legs just aren't long enough yet she is small for her age.I like 7th Heaven also i just rarely watch it,since Alyssa hogs the tv lol

Constant Family said...

Hunter does has a bike like this and he will not pedal, he just uses his feet. I can't believe that the lake is up so much. It is either to high or to low, there is no happy medium.
Charli is so cute, I think I can see her "miss priss" coming out in the pictures. Hunter has a major attitude, I am hoping it passes soon.

mother of three fellas said...

thanks for the sweet comments! That's so funny you have a Charli Beth, If my lil' guy was a girl that was going to be the name! My middle name is Elizabeth and my husbands is Charlie, so it would of been Charlie Beth!! We have great taste! :)

Anonymous said...

so cute!! thanks for visiting my blog!!! you are not gonna believe this but ....the zebra chair is fro!!!!!

Jamie said...

Cute pictures!

My daughter is a year older than Charli Beth (she just turned 4 in April). This summer is the first year she's really been able to pedal anything.
Last year she still wanted up to push her, or would pedal a few times but didn't make it far.

This year she is figuring it out, but still has problems pedaling AND steering at the same time :)
Hope that helps.

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