Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally, pics of the room!

( I didn't realize that this week was also Childrens rooms on Kelly's Korner blog. So now I'm re-posting this so that I can link my blog with all of the other ones. Kelly has the sweetest little nursery for her daughter! I love that I will be able to sit at work tonight and go through every one of them =) How fun willl that be!)

I have decided to not wait any longer in posting the rest of the pictures of sweet crazy little Charli's new bedroom! We still have a dresser that cousin Drew is suppose to paint, but I told him to wait until he was out of school to do so. Whenever it gets done I'm sure I will post pictures of it also being that I post pictures practically daily! lol
The shelves that are above Charli's bed.

On the wall above her table set. The circles are chalk board wall stickers! We also thought about doing the letters in different black prints (zebra, polka dots & all)

(not the best picture, but oh well)

These are ultrasound pictures of Charli (on top) and Me (on bottom)

My 1st half way creative project, ever! lol

Another picture from the doorway

Sorry it's blurry, Charli was trying to jump in the picture!

Where the prayer bench sits in her room.
You can see half of the dresser in this pic that needs to be painted. (sorry)

Miss Priss had to be in on all the action too.The closet area. (see Charli Beth in there! haha)

I'm wanting to do some Zebra bows or something around the top or sides?!

The view from the doorway.
We plan to paint the easel if we can ever find plastic paint! Any suggestions?
What lies behind the easel. The wall hanger is zebra and mirrored print. I love it.
The coloring table. Crayons and baby items in the pink bins.

The storage under the table is for the Kitchen set food, pans, etc.

There are still a few odds and ends that we need to get and put up but for the most part it is

D-O-N-E! I also didn't show a picture of her bedding if you didn't notice because little miss spilt something on it while I was at work yesterday so now it's off to get cleaned! I'll get the full effect of it one day! Tonight was my first night actually home with the family in who knows how long! Charli and I got a little hyper and probably drove my parents insane but we had a blast while playing. We eventually ended our night with popcorn, "move it move it movie" and putting her back in bed a zillion times. I love being able to spend more time at home though!!

I'm also taking Charli to the park tomorrow (if it doesn't rain!) to learn to ride her tricycle. She was way to "antsy" last year so we're going to give it a try. I'll be posting pictures of our fun times later. I'm heading to bed so I wont be a grumpy Momma all day tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Great Job!!
You are an amazing mom you can read the love in your words for your daughter..


Lea Liz said...

Her room is beatufiul!! I love it!! That is how I would do a room if I ever had a daughter! Your an awesome momma!!

Emily Ann said...

I love her room, so gorgeous. Nothing is better than zebra print! I love Charli's outfit too!

Hope you're having a great day!

Becca said...

Her room is absolutely adorable! I love Zebra print and she will definitely be able to grow with it!

Nichele Lynn said...

LOVE this, if I ever have a little girl, you'll have to design her room!

Unknown said...

LOVE this!!!! i wish it was my room!! haha great job, paige!! :)

Erica said...

i love the pink and zebra! this is adorable and makes me wanna have a little girl LOL

Tammy said...

Gorgeous room! Great job. The pink and zebra are awesome!

Nice to "meet" you! TGIF!

Heather said...

I love your girls' room!! It is so cute! Love the pink! She is so cute!!

Jamie said...

So Cute! I wish a had a girl that I could do a pink/zebra room for! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Her room is adorable and so is she! Love that shade of pink and the zebra print!

Nate, Abbey, Noah, Blaire and Tatum said...

I love the black circular chalkboards...what a great idea!

Todd and Courtney said...

what a beautiful little girl! She's so precious! I love the hot pink color....love love love pink :) thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

Very cute....thanks for visiting my blog. I bought my black plastic paint at Wal-Mart.....it's Krylon spray paint. You could also get several different kinds of pink/white/black ribbon and tie around the curtains. You could also use the same ribbons to tie around other things in the room to tie it all together. I love ribbon and it's pretty cheap!

Cute little girl, too!! She reminds me of my own.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Another zebra room! haha
So glad you found me, I love your blog too! I will have to go back and read from the beginning i will follow you! =) Evan has a zebra chair TOO! My mom made it over, it used to be a horse chair my grandfather made for me when I was a baby. I will get a pic of it to you once I get home.

Blessed Beyond said...

Her room is awesome! It is just darling!!!

mommy of one! said...

her room is so cute! you did a great job! For the plastic paint, I have found spray paint specifically for plastic and it works wonders! just thought I would share that with you!

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