Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our 2011 in Review

2011 was simply the most amazing year of my life. I can never imagine a year filled with anymore blessings and wonderful things than this year has been. I grew more as a person and Mother this year than any other year thus far. I thank the Lord for putting me through the trials a tribulations that I have overcame in my past to get me right into these moments of pure happiness.

For starters, I went on the first date with the love of my life, best friend, now husband on I believe January 6. It was truly amazing how quickly we "hit it" off. I remember asking girls on twitter how it was even possible to "fall" for someone in two weeks...many girls assured me that it can happen and in fact happened to them as well. So there is where our love story began; that one late night at Denny's (of all places,) where I hardly spoke, he talked a whole whole lot, asked for a awkward hug, and drove home in the snow.

Also in January I had my first blogger meet up with Jessica in Nashville and enjoyed time with her and her adorable kiddos!

We took a weekend getaway in March to Chattanooga, TN and also a trip with Gunner to Atlanta, GA to a dentist for some work on his teeth. We found out that we were expecting baby H on March 13 and told our families on the 16th. I could not have been more surprised or excited on March 18th when Curtis proposed to me on his family farm.

We excitedly celebrated Charli Beth's 5th birthday princess style and went all out for her party. She also started playing softball in April for her very first year on the Yellow Jackets and absolutely loved playing with all of her friends! Her team eventually won third place over all in the tournament in July, which was a huge accomplishment for these girls.

Curtis and I found out that we were having a baby boy at our gender reveal party with our family at the end of May. It was so much fun being able to find out that Bryar was indeed a boy with all of our family members together. Curtis and I celebrated his 27th birthday together having dinner with his family and spending our last few days as a fiances.

Charli attended the YMCA day camp and loved it at first but then started to quickly hate going since she wasn't necessarily "big" enough to do a lot of the fun things. We got ready for our big day with lots of practice at our wedding rehearsal. Curtis and I were married on June 11, 2011 and had the most amazing country wedding all thanks to our parents and family friends. We were so blessed for all of the work and wonderful support that they gave to us during the most precious time of our lives. After our wedding we went on our Honeymoon to Hilton Head, SC.

We picked out a boy name for Baby H after a lot of begging and pleading from me to Curtis whenever I was 22 weeks. Charli had her first day of Kindergarten at the beginning of August and absolutely loved it - and thankfully she still does. We took Charli fishing as a family for the first time and had a blast doing so.

I then started having pregnancy issues once again at 27 weeks and was put on bed rest but was able to continue working. At 28 weeks I was put on strict bed rest since I was already dilated to 2, which really hit us all hard and was a very scary time for us all. Especially with Curtis being out of town for training. I spent my 24th birthday laid up in bed, having a small dinner with my in laws at their home next door and on the phone with my family because my sister suddenly started having pregnancy complications which also brought my handsome nephew Trace into the world! It will be so fun sharing my birthday with my little nephew each year! Trace was 7 weeks early and spent around two weeks in the NICU before coming home to join his Mommy & Daddy.

Our families threw us a baby shower for Bryar Wayne on September 24th and we celebrated the cowboy way. Thankfully, Bryar and I the ultimate duo made it another 6 weeks before he was born 6 weeks early on October 5, at 2:03 weighing 4 lbs and 4 oz. We spent three weeks in the NICU with him before being able to bring our little man home.

On Halloween, I had my first outing with both children to my grandparents for our annual Halloween get together. Charli Beth dressed up as a pink Bat Girl, and was the cutest most spunky five year old in the world, and Bryar was the tiniest little baby that couldn't fit into a costume. We were so blessed at Thanksgiving to be able to spend our Holiday at home with all of our family members.

I was offered a new job on December 13 and my entire family is still excited for me to start this new journey in 2012. We have spent December making new memories and new traditions for the years to come for our family.

Last year at Christmas Charli Beth asked Santa to bring me a diamond ring, little did we know that 2011 was going to be the most exciting year for the both of us. I got the ring, husband, best friend and Father for my children that I have always wanted and that they deserve. We were blessed beyond belief with the births of two new baby boys in our family and are completely grateful that they are both now healthy and well on their way to becoming little chunksters. I cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for my family. I pray that it is nothing but wonderful moments, and full of memories to be made.

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Katie said...

WOW!!! 2011 was definitely your year! SO many big events!! Congratulations on such a wonderful year!! :)

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